The changing natural resources industry

Uncertainty and impending erosion of demand is pushing change throughout the natural resources industry. To remain successful in this environment, your priority should be strengthening operational foundations with data, analytics and connectivity to drive cost improvements and increase productivity gains.


of asset-intensive industries are relatively more interested in data analytics and IoT.

Gartner 2019 CIO Agenda: An Asset-Intensive Industries Perspective


Navigate volatile economics with new technologies

Compelling opportunities in oil and gas present new challenges

In the face of tightening economics, relatively low recovery ratios and more stringent environmental scrutiny, the oil and gas industry is exploring not just new physical territory but also new technologies to improve outcomes. Decisions about how to digitize operations will set in motion positive change in the industry, which will affect energy resources for generations to come.

The fundamental factors for success in the oil and gas industry are many: maximizing recovery for new deeper and alternative assets while introducing efficiencies into recovery and processing of existing resources; smoothing the flow-through of products between up-, mid- and downstream segments; and automating processes through better data collection and analysis.

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The seamless journey towards the digital mine

Reserves are deeper and in more remote areas, pushing margins to the limit. Yet natural resources remain available to sustain the sector for years to come.


But the stakes are high.
Tracking down these reserves and exploiting them successfully demands change by investing in the latest digital technology. Metal producers that harness the full potential of a digital transformation can boost margins by up to 8%, according to McKinsey research, so the rewards are clear.

So where do mining companies start?
Transitioning to the digital mine typically begins by focusing on core processes, automating physical operations and digitizing assets. This includes adopting autonomous vehicles, drones, 3D printing and wearable technologies. These are all run and monitored through a connected network that uses IoT to capture data in real time.

This data is stored securely in the cloud and analyzed, providing key insights for faster, more accurate decision making, driving efficiency, improving HSE standards and cutting operating costs. Communication and collaboration between workers, both at remote mines and off site, are also significantly improved through cutting-edge connectivity. This seamlessly links telephony, mobile devices, collaboration software and video streaming, introducing smarter working practices across all operations.

With only 15% of global business executives believing they have the necessary capabilities and skills to execute digital transformation, according to Forrester, finding the right digital partner is crucial.

The route to a seamless digital journey

  • Automate onsite operations and monitor key assets with IoT
  • Store IoT data securely in the cloud
  • Create key insights through data analytics to aid decision making
  • Share data and improve collaboration with cutting-edge connectivity

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Oil and gas companies are among the leading adopters of IoT across all industries with 47 percent having adopted or planning to adopt connected technologies.

Gartner, CIO agenda: An oil and gas perspective, 2018

Capturing the next frontier of value in a changing market

In the face of uncertain long-term forecasts, it is time for the highly volatile oil and gas industry to explore new strategies to boost efficiencies and deliver quality, dependable product on time.

With a connected view of your operations, you will be able to increase agility and scalability and improve strategic decision making. Read more about the customized services we provide to the oil and gas industry to see which solutions could support you in your transformation.

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The Halliburton story

How digital technology is transforming the upstream oil and gas industry

Orange delivered to Halliburton a global network solution with a focus on the Middle East and East Africa to support rapid and successful entry into new markets in Rwanda, Angola and other parts of East Africa.

The network is secure and reliable with high performance, availability and lower consistent pricing. Halliburton now has scalable connectivity that is enabling the company’s drive into new “frontier” markets in East Africa and around the globe.

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