Digitization is driving the future of natural resources

Digital transformation isn’t just about the technology. To succeed, a clear vision and strategy with committed resources and a change management roadmap are needed. For digitization to deliver on its potential, it must be integrated from end to end, with systems sharing data from across the natural resources value chain.
We can help you drive a culture of technology adoption and innovation to provide a competitive edge in connectivity, cloud, unified communications and cyber security.

New technologies promise to make oil and gas operations more efficient, improve workflow and deliver valuable insight from big data. All of these technologies need 24/7, robust, secure and reliable communications.

The business value of transformation

Reshaping the future of the oil and gas industry

New technologies can help the natural resource industry maximize opportunities. These include: the cloud, which is improving business agility by breaking down data silos; and unified communications, which is helping link up diverse teams in remote locations, promoting valuable knowledge sharing while driving innovation and product sharing. At the same time, the blurring lines between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) have put increased emphasis on mitigating growing cybersecurity risks.

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Connecting the world’s most difficult to reach places

Satellite services from Orange Business Services

Satellite connectivity provides secure, reliable links between remote sites and company headquarters and can give you the bandwidth you need to support data-heavy workloads. Satellite also mitigates connectivity disruptions in the event of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Orange works with a leading floater company to provide Maritime VSAT, a fully-managed, end-to-end satellite solution integrating vessels and land-based sites to the Orange MPLS network.

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Transforming oil and gas in the Middle East and Africa


The Middle East and Africa (MEA) make up almost one-third of the planet, making the region extremely diverse and complex. The dynamics of the Middle East and North Africa are radically different than those of Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, where each sub-region has its own specificities that dictate the way international and local companies must approach business.

The Middle East and North Africa have 49 percent of the oil and 46 percent of the global recoverable gas reserves, according to the World Energy Council. The wealth of resources in the region makes it a thriving location for the oil and gas industry. In fact, the Middle East and North Africa is still by far the world’s richest region in oil and gas, with proven reserves generally increasing year after year. Recent energy discoveries and developments across the region are attracting companies from around the world, bringing with them know-how, technical expertise, development opportunities for the local population and mutual benefit.


The Middle East and North Africa have 49 percent of the oil and 46 percent of the global recoverable gas resources.

World Energy Council, 2016

Increase agility and facilitate real-time decision making
Increase agility and facilitate real-time decision making
  • Hybrid communication networks: connect everything, regardless of geography, facility or requirement type
  • Unified communications: speed up decision-making using real-time collaboration tools
  • Digital workplace: boost employee productivity and ensure continuity of operations
  • Cloud computing: ensure fast and secure exchange of data across your ecosystem
  • Cyberdefense: secure your infrastructures, data and assets from cyber attacks
Improve asset and operations performance
Improve asset and operations performance
  • Asset monitoring: gain real-time visibility into your drilling operations to reduce downtime and improve asset performance
  • High-speed connectivity: strengthen market position by ensuring efficient oil and gas trading
  • Digital twinning: accurately predict the performance of your pipelines
  • Fleet management: manage your fleet transporting products from refining plants
  • Collect and analyze data: streamline your processes for optimized refining-plant operations
Reinforce your health, safety and environment program
Reinforce your health, safety and environmental program
  • Internet connectivity: provide employees with a balanced work/life environment
  • Tele-surveillance, access control and safety applications: improve the safety of your workforce
  • Monitor and control your energy consumption and emissions: use intelligence for environmentally responsible operations

Digital solutions from Orange Business

Find out how Orange Business is meeting the needs of the world's leading oil and gas market with digital and satellite solutions throughout the diverse Middle East and Africa region.

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Transforming oil and gas in the Middle East and Africa


Drive fast, seamless data exchange across your mining operations

Gathering and processing critical information has never been more important to the successful running of your mining operation. Less accessible reserves in increasingly remote locations are pushing exploration and extraction teams to the limit.

Technology is helping through connected objects powered by the Internet of Things. Sensors on key assets and automation enable more accurate location and assessment of reserves, together with real-time monitoring of extraction processes.

Meanwhile, mobile devices and collaboration tools are driving smarter, more flexible and efficient ways of working. The result is faster and more accurate decision making, which is vital to responding quickly and effectively to an ever-changing natural resource marketplace.

However, harnessing the resulting growing amount of data and facilitating smarter working practices place increasing pressure on legacy IT systems. At a time of market volatility and tight margins, the expenditure required to upgrade can be prohibitive, and it wouldn't provide the required agility and flexibility.

Orange is enabling mining companies across the globe to respond to this challenge by migrating their IT systems to the cloud, providing a scalable, flexible solution for handling the data explosion.

Plus it removes the need for physical servers, along with the space and maintenance they require. Our cloud solutions also host critical business software, from applications to collaboration tools, increasing their accessibility and performance across the business.

The result is the rapid and secure exchange of the growing volumes of critical data right across your mining operations, along with faster access to the latest applications and collaboration software.

End-to-end security and network performance is assured, whether you choose a shared or dedicated infrastructure, along with the ongoing innovation of our cloud technology, so you’re always at the cutting edge.

Right now we’re helping a South Africa-based global precious metals business cut capital expenditure, reduce operational costs and increase service flexibility. We’re also supporting the rapid roll out of an ERP system for a West African gold producer, decreasing costs and enhancing productivity.



Helping industries tackle smart tracking in big spaces with LoRa

A fully-managed LoRa WAN network is helping an oil company manage key assets at a remote site, improving health and safety and operational efficiencies.

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Main drivers for IoT in the oil and gas industry


Manage complexity of operations in the natural resources sector

At Orange Business, we help our customers in the natural resources sector maximize opportunities by simplifying operations and driving up productivity. Watch this video to find out more.

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