Transforming natural resource management for a changing world with IoT


Managing the world’s natural resources has always involved continually developing and innovating to meet the various challenges the planet presents. But with resources increasingly difficult to find and exploit, and sites, as a result, becoming more remote, companies are facing a new set of challenges and having to work harder than ever before.

This is increasing costs and reducing margins. Deeper, farther and more complex operations increase risk, placing greater demands on people, equipment and the environment. This heightens the sector’s social, commercial and environmental responsibilities, which are underlined by new zero-tolerance legislation. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) can now connect people and assets to help you flourish in this new world. Expertly planned end-to-end IoT monitoring of your operations, hosted on our fast, reliable network, collects key data in real time, which can then be analyzed to provide real-time visibility across your operations and deliver valuable insight to enable you to:  

  • Go farther and deeper than ever
  • Make quicker, better decisions
  • Work more effectively and efficiently

Transform modern mining with faster, better decision-making


Orange unified communications delivers agility and flexibility

The increasing scarcity of mineral reserves means mining companies are having to go deeper and farther in their search and exploitation of the world’s natural resources. What’s more, increasingly complex processes are required to extract these reserves.

The result is a more disparate mining operation at a time when closer and more detailed collaboration is needed between the mine itself and off-site managers and experts. More remote extraction sites mean fewer people on the ground, demanding stronger and quicker off-site support. Meanwhile, better decisions need to be made regarding the assets needed due to the major logistical and transport challenges.

Beyond the mine, volatile market conditions mean shifts in supply and demand quick, decisive and effective action to reduce costs and maximize opportunities. By unifying communications across all mining operations, from telephone systems to desktop to mobile, the latest collaboration tools can be applied universally, from videoconferencing to document sharing. This streamlines working practices and drives better, faster decision making.

This can be extended to remote workforces involved in prospecting and extraction through our cost-efficient hybrid communication networks,

keeping teams in constant contact wherever they are. Live video streaming can be used to feed back key visual data from the mine for expert consultation, for example, as well as providing live supervision for complex mining procedures.

Right now, Orange hybrid connectivity is being used by a global gold-mining company to increase business agility and cost flexibility at a time of major change in the global gold market. Key impacts include lower costs, zero capital expenditure and simplified management.

At the same time, we're deploying the innovative collaborative tool CiscoSpark for an Australian mining and minerals multinational to enhance global collaboration. As a result, the enterprise has seen higher productivity, accelerated innovation and lower costs.

Orange is making the impossible possible across the globe by driving better, faster decision making through innovative unified communications.


Move towards data-driven resource management

At Orange Business, we help our customers in the natural resources sector get a deeper understanding of their operations through critical IoT and data insights. Learn more in this video.

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