In our fast-paced world, technology plays a vital role in our everyday lives

Business is heading towards innovation and digital transformation, so getting the foundation right is more important than ever. Digital transformation is changing the way business gets done. Combined with human empowerment, it can make a pivotal difference.

Successful digital consulting engagements are defined by customer business outcomes. At Orange Business, we apply consulting capabilities to support these digitization processes, helping our customers digitize their businesses, optimize their processes and increase their bottom lines. Our consultants provide a practical approach to rapidly innovate and accelerate your business. Together we co-innovate, co-create, apply an agile proof of concept and define your digital transformation strategy. Then we test the strategy in our Open Labs to ensure it reaches the outcome you desire.

With access to the latest technologies, a unique worldwide network and a wide range of technology partners, we turn ideas into reality. We enable a digital, globally-connected business world, helping our customers realize the power of data for human innovation. Reshape your business now with Orange Business Consulting Services.

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Gartner Market Guide for Digital Business Consulting and Implementation Services

Gartner market guide

According to Gartner: “Digital business consulting and implementation services help enterprises navigate a successful shift to digital business. Sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders responsible for digital services can use this research to understand the market, services and providers.” Some of the key findings in this report include:

  • Despite the digital transformation hype, 54% of leaders say their organization doesn’t have a clear vision for transformation, and only 11% have scaled digital business transformation
  • Successful digital business services engagements are defined by the client business outcomes they seek to achieve, not by the specific technologies and processes providers employ to enable those outcomes. The market, unfortunately, is more focused on the latter
  • Digital business consulting and implementation providers must draw on a diverse set of business, technology, design, operational and innovation capabilities. Providers’ efforts to develop and acquire these capabilities are blurring the lines between traditional provider types

Discover Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Business Consulting and Implementation Services, November 2019.

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IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Network Consulting Services 2019 Vendor Assessment

IDC: the latest assessments

Digital transformation is imperative to all businesses, and they need to adopt quickly to stay relevant in the digital age. Data availability and analytics is one of the key elements to accelerate innovation and develop a competitive advantage.

Our solutions leverage a defined and repeatable methodology that engages customers end to end on their data journeys. With our business consulting approach, methodology and skills, we work together with our customers to define business goals, organize data sharing and boost their ability to innovate.

Discover IDC’s new IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Network Consulting Services 2019 Vendor Assessment where Orange Business is positioned as a Leader.

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Are you ready for the digital age?

Are you ready for the digital age?

Digital transformation is happening everywhere. How about your business? To help you find out where your business stands in its transformation, we have created this Digital Maturity Assessment tool. By answering a few key questions, you'll be able to see at a glance where your priorities are and which areas you should focus on. Take the test and find out how digital your business is.

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Master your challenges
Master your challenges

Data is the fuel of the new digital economy, and successfully realizing its value has become a business imperative. Getting the most out of your data and digital investments is the challenge. Download this brochure to learn how our Consulting Services can help you face your business challenges and drive innovation.

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SDx: Now or later?
SDx: Now or later?

Software-defined technology is advancing rapidly to replace legacy infrastructure and improve business agility. It’s becoming the new norm as it replaces the physical infrastructure. For more information on the SDx trend, its key drivers and how to best leverage this rapidly advancing technology for your business, download this ebook.

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Better by blockchain?
Better by blockchain?

Blockchain technology can help you save time and improve cost efficiency by replacing legacy systems and record-keeping infrastructure, while reducing IT costs. It can also help you protect the highly confidential and sensitive documentation that you deal with. Download this whitepaper to discover how.

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Boost your digital transformation


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Each project is unique and needs to add value to your business. The world is an increasingly connected place, with more and more data being generated every day. At Orange Business, we can help you to use that data to increase business efficiency and create new opportunities. Together, we'll design and integrate the best digital solution for your infrastructure.

Guillaume Freyburger, Head of International Consulting Practice, Orange Business


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