5G is coming. It’s a new world of opportunities for business and for existing networks. What are the impacts and challenges of this new technology? How can you prepare now to take advantage of it?


The expectations of 5G in digital transformation


To discuss these new opportunities, Diagonales brings together three experts on the subject of 5G:

  • Stéphane Klajzyngier, CEO of Lacroix Electronics
  • Sébastien Kaiser, Connectivity and Network Director of SNCF
  • Olivier Wioland, Mobile Network Marketing Director at Orange Business Services

Stéphane Klajzyngier


Stéphane Klajzyngier is the CEO of Lacroix Electronics. Following a leading international career in the telecommunications and components industry, he anticipates the impact of 5G on business and industrial processes and competitiveness.

Sébastien Kaiser


Sébastien Kaiser is the Connectivity and Network Director for SNCF. He is in charge of the group’s strategy for providing connectivity for customers, agents and rail operations. He is preparing for the arrival of 5G and its impact on rail transport in France and Europe.

Olivier Wioland


Olivier Wioland is Director of Mobile Network Marketing at Orange Business Services. He is a specialist in mobile communications, networks and services. As part of his duties, he considers new uses for 5G and its impact on IoT.


5G and business: what are the applications?


5G will be a lever for transforming business models into real-time enterprise.

What are the opportunities?


People at the heart of innovation: what will the world look like in 5G?


5G is going to change the game in a responsible digital world.

To meet these challenges, co-innovation between customers and partners will be essential. How do you stay competitive?


5G and business transformation: how do you involve employees?


5G offers smarter, better and more-energy-efficient connectivity.

It is a great opportunity for companies to rethink ways of working. How can you get your employees on board?


How to co-innovate to prepare for the arrival of 5G


Better understand the issues related to the arrival of 5G.

Learn how in this interview with Séverine Kuhn, Global Account Manager and Hervé Guez, Business Development Transport at the Key Accounts Department, both within Orange Business Services.