Franck’s ta-da story: Leveraging data to anticipate up to 80% of network incidents

The expertise of those who work for our company and their diverse professional backgrounds is the main reason why Orange Business is so resourceful. The wide skill set of our employees is what enables us to meet the expectations of our customers, right when they need it the most. We like to call it the “ta-da!” effect.
Let's meet Franck, Incident Manager, at the helm of his “business cockpit.” He uses data to reliably anticipate response times to address incidents and resume operations using a tool that he created.

I am the facilitator at the heart of my supervision center

“I work within a team responsible for monitoring the smooth running of our customers' communication services on a 24/7 basis. My role is that of a control tower: I have an overview of the incidents that must be managed and prioritized. I ensure the fastest possible incident response time by mobilizing the right experts at the right time, and I guarantee immediate communication between our teams to resolve the situation. Together, we break down the problem and establish an accurate diagnosis that will be communicated to the customer. I am what you might call a facilitator: understanding the needs of diverse teams helps us to quickly put in place the right action plans for our customers.”

Data enables us to strengthen our commitment to our customers

“An Orange Business customer in the banking sector was experiencing problems with their Internet network. We came up with a workaround which involved deploying 4G routers to connect their branch offices, but they needed key information first: an estimate of the response time until service could be restored, as this would determine how they adapted their organization.”


We are all someone's customers…This notion has been the cornerstone of my career path. I put myself in the customer's shoes to best meet their needs and, above all, to anticipate their future needs.




We developed a response time calculator

“In the 'business cockpit,' which aggregates warnings, we centralize the data from every incident we handle: the identified cause, the solutions implemented, and the duration of the event...a reservoir of data, updated in real time. Thanks to our experts' accumulated experience and the available data, we developed a response time calculator. This allowed us to communicate a timeframe to our banking client. We took a risk but ended up quite proud of the fact that we were able to solve the problem within the timeframe we had given!”

The “ta-da!” effect: The time saved due to our estimates can be worth millions of euros

“Once they had a reliable estimate of the response time required, our client was able to reorganize accordingly. For a network of bank branch offices, the time gained is extremely valuable and translates to millions of euros in savings. We are data fanatics, and we work every day to improve our calculator by integrating other factors, such as incident locations, weather or proximity to a logistics center. Being able to commit to a credible response time using advanced data analysis enables us to offer a better service to all our customers.”