Welcome to 2019

The ongoing digital transformation of enterprises has created a new ecosystem. This new ecosystem is totally open and driven by heavy data usage. At Orange Business, we call it the “Internet of Enterprise”. It is in this ecosystem that machines, platforms, employees, customers, partners, and suppliers, both within and outside businesses, are constantly connected and can exchange information to optimize the way they interact and create more value.

At Orange Business, our aim is to continue playing a major role in this ecosystem, because:

We believe that innovation should always, first & foremost, serve the people involved in businesses. And our employees do just that: they are more than experts. They share a passion for what they do. Working very closely with our customers day-in, day-out, they are very knowledgeable of the business requirements, expectations, and constraints of the different markets we operate in.

We also believe that innovation makes most sense when those for whom it is intended are involved in its inception, creation and implementation. To serve this purpose, we are developing 360° co-innovation.

Finally, we are at the heart of this collaborative open ecosystem made up of Orange Group teams and expertise, technological and business partners, as well as a pool of carefully selected start-ups, and, of course, our own teams.

And this is how our activities are summarized in a new claim that reveals both our vision of the B2B market and our contribution to it:

Companies thrive on innovation.
We work to shape yours.

On behalf of all at Orange Business, I am delighted to wish you an excellent year of innovation in 2019!

Anne-Sophie Lotgering
Chief Marketing & Digital officer