Viasat uses an Orange IoT solution for service delivery of vehicle tracking devices

Issues and challenges

Headquartered in Italy, Viasat is a leading specialist in security systems that incorporate on-board telematics and satellite tracking information technologies.

The Group’s core product is a vehicle tracking device, supplied to the fleet management and insurance industries, which aids driver and passenger safety and security. Viasat needed an IoT solution to enable its remote telematics boxes to send and receive data, SMS and voice, and to ensure seamless customer service worldwide.

"Among our partners, we selected Orange Business for IoT connectivity because of their wide coverage, flat-rate pricing across the EU and their comprehensive international support."

Massimo Getto, Vice President and CFO, Viasat Group

The objective

Enable global expansion and guaranteed reliability of the Viasat vehicle tracking service.

  • Orange IoT solution with global roaming
  • Single SIM form factor with global connectivity and roaming agreements
  • 350,000 SIM cards that can withstand vibration and high temperatures
  • IoT management portal that allows customers to self-manage SIM cards
  • Global management via single point of contact
  • Project management

The Orange Business solution has removed a potential barrier to sales growth, and Viasat can now deliver truly global customer service.

  • Reliable, secure, scalable network to support worldwide growth
  • Enhanced customer service experience
  • Simplified management
  • Increased agility to deliver growing services portfolio
  • Positive customer feedback
  • No roaming charges
  • Predictable costs, enabling improved financial planning
  • Future-proof scalable solution

Viasat is the first Italian provider of telematics systems and services based on satellite technology

  • Headquartered in Italy
  • Extensive commercial and assistance network with over 2,100 installation centers
  • Over 2 million devices produced, installed and assisted