UEFA for Euro 2016

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Issues and challenges

There are more than 120 partner broadcasters covering the Euro 2016 matches. This sporting event has the widest media coverage after the World Cup and the Olympic Games, reaching more than two billion spectators around the world. For this year’s event in France, UEFA has only one challenge – but it's a big one – and that is to provide the supporters with an unforgettable live experience, whether they are in the stadiums or in front of their televisions, all over the world.

"The Euro is one of the world's most popular sporting events in terms of media coverage, with more than 120 broadcasters ready to cover the tournament in 230 countries. Therefore, our objective is to satisfy the two billion supporters who expect to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at home and in the stadiums."

Daniel Marion Head of Information Systems at UEFA

The objective

Offer new services and the best-ever 4K picture quality, enable viewers to produce their own programs through interaction with the cameras in the stadiums and ensure that coverage of the tournament goes off without a hitch.


As a partner for the Euro, the experts at Orange are fully mobilized to equip all ten stadiums in France with fiber and then link them to the International Broadcast Centre (IBC). The result: a dual redundant fiber network without cross-connections and a speed of 100 GB/second. Placed end-to-end, this fiber network would be more than twice the circumference of the Earth.


Match coverage with no breaks

The fiber network put in place between the stadiums and the IBC guarantees uninterrupted coverage of the tournament throughout the world, whatever the circumstances.

Unrivaled picture quality

Euro 2016 sees the arrival of 4K, a new image standard four times the full HD resolution that television viewers receive at home.

Stronger link with supporters

With the "next-generation” service platform, spectators will be able to interact with the 38 cameras installed in each of the stadiums. They will be able to access images never before seen, from any angle, as well as live statistics from the matches.

  • Incomparable picture quality
  • 100 GB/second speed
  • Problem-free coverage

About Euro2016

  • More than 120 broadcasters ready to provide live coverage of the tournament
  • 10 stadiums all over France equipped with a fiber network
  • 38 cameras in each stadium
  • 230 countries showing the matches
  • Two billion supporters around the world