splitsecnd uses Orange M2M to rollout innovative emergency response device

Issues and challenges

splitsecnd is the only emergency response device of its kind that can be used in any vehicle regardless of make, model or year. It plugs into the 12v outlet and enables automatic crash detection, 24/7 emergency assistance, pinpoint roadside assistance and real-time GPS vehicle location monitoring.

The splitsecnd service is based on real-time data transmission. Without this capability, the growth of the company was hindered by the inability to enter new markets. The company needed a global partner with M2M and connectivity expertise to ensure that its service could be securely delivered within each country.

"splitsecnd focuses on two things: safety and simplicity. Together with Orange Business, we are able to ensure that drivers stay safe and connected while on the road, 24/7, at the push of a button."

Mel Taylor, President & CEO, splitsecnd

The objective

Increase the company’s service delivery to customers around the world by having the capability to collect and transmit data in real time from the splitsecnd device in any vehicle to the splitsecnd dashboard.

  • Orange M2M connectivity
  • Embedded SIM card built into the splitsecnd device
  • Simple tariff model
  • Service consultancy
  • Project management

The Orange M2M connectivity solution has enabled splitsecnd to accelerate the penetration of new markets worldwide.

  • Reliable, secure, dedicated and limitless global connectivity
  • splitsecnd dashboard easily accessible via any desktop or mobile device
  • Support for partnerships with vehicle fleet management companies
  • Orange global network which eliminates roaming charges
  • Simple cost model for accurate budget planning
  • Future-proof scalable solution to drive growth

splitsecnd is a tech start-up based in the U.S.