Saipem cuts costs with clear and reliable voice service

Issues and challenges

Saipem, a subsidiary of ENI, is a leading global oil and gas operator in tough and technologically challenging projects in deepwater, remote areas and “difficult” oil. From its headquarters in Milan, Saipem’s 40,000 employees operate in 70 countries. The company has two business units – engineering & construction and drilling – and has a strong local presence in oil and gas “hotspots” and emerging regions.

Operating in a variety of difficult environments worldwide, the company had acquired a mix of legacy network providers with undependable service level agreements as well as poor voice quality and reliability. In addition, managing multiple providers was time consuming and costly, and they were unable to provide detailed billing information down to site level for efficient and accurate internal cost allocation.

Saipem decided that a new approach was needed to meet its voice requirements, with a very strong focus on enhancing voice quality and service reliability while reducing international telephony costs.

"We have worked with Orange Business since 2004 and consider them to be a strategic partner. We needed to reduce our voice costs significantly and improve voice quality and reliability."

Marco Carini, TLC Manager, Saipem

The objective

Improve voice quality and reliability and significantly cut costs.

  • Orange Business Talk SIP trunking with migration to the Orange voice network
  • International Business Talk off-net from remote sites
  • Comprehensive service level agreements
  • Full reporting per entity, site and user
  • Built-in capacity flexibility in line with Saipem’s business plan
  • Program management

Our Business Talk SIP trunking solution is actively supporting Saipem’s growing worldwide operations.

  • Reduced international telephony costs
  • Savings growing year on year in line with increased traffic
  • Improved voice quality and reliability
  • Cost transparency
  • Scalable solution in line with Saipem’s business plan
  • Detailed billing allowing internal cost allocation
  • Simplified supplier relations
  • Quicker issue resolution
  • Lower costs
  • Cost savings growing year on year
  • Reliable service for remote sites
  • Easier internal cross-charging
  • Quicker issue resolution
  • Enhanced global communication


Saipem, a subsidiary of ENI, is a leading global oil and gas operator in tough and technologically challenging projects in deep water, remote areas and “difficult” oil

  • Headquarters in Milan
  • 40,000 employees
  • Operations in 70 countries