Internet of Things: Groupe Pichet innovates by offering connected homes

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Successfully competing in the real estate market
The leading family-run business in France, Groupe Pichet is one of the ten biggest French developers. Groupe Pichet wanted to differentiate itself by offering connected homes and home automation services that would be operational as soon as the keys were handed over to homeowners. The first project: "Le Patio Bordelais." By using a smartphone application, the occupants can operate all the connected objects in the home (lights, shutters, heating, switches, etc.), even at a distance.

"Orange was the project leader for all the computerized aspects of the project, and so we were able to discover their expertise in the Internet of Things."

Nicolas Oyarbide, Customer Experience Program Manager – Groupe Pichet


The Internet of Things, the solution for connected homes
Orange Business managed the construction and integration of a software chain making it possible to transport data from the connected objects to a made-to-measure business application.


Achieving savings thanks to the "smart" management of homes
Thanks to the special application, the occupants can manage everything, even at a distance, which enables them to:

  • Achieve true comfort and improve the quality of life in the home
  • Save money by optimizing energy consumption of the home
  • Protect the environment by reducing energy use

Thanks to the solutions provided by Orange, these services are operational from the very first day in the home. By offering these types of services, Groupe Pichet is clearly seen as an innovative enterprise.

"The partnership entered into with Orange has allowed us to succeed with the connected home and has convinced us that we made the right choice."

Alexandre Lemasle, Partner Service Manager – Groupe Pichet


  • Deployment over 18 months
  • Operation of all objects in the home
  • Better management of the home
  • Occupant satisfaction
  • Innovative brand image

Key figures

connected homes in the “Patio Bordelais” project.


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About the client
  • Among the Top Ten French developers
  • Turnover of €1.2 billion
  • Overall workforce of 1,400 employees