Gaumont Pathé cinemas transform movie theaters with very high speed broadband

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Issues and challenges

The days of changing film reels are over. In 2009, Gaumont Pathé cinemas started transforming the cinema experience by switching to digital recordings. The movies were first sent in the form of hard disks, but the Gaumont Pathé cinema teams want to go even further. How do you offer even more services and ever more innovative experiences to audiences?

Cinema has changed. Viewers are ultra-connected, and cinemas are adapting. Today, to offer more services and experiences to our customers, we have called on Orange Business. With a very high speed broadband connection, we can transform our content and services to continue our mission: perpetuating the passion for cinema across the centuries and changing technologies.

Jean-Christophe Désire, CIO, Gaumont Pathé cinemas

The objective

Equipping Gaumont Pathé cinemas with very high speed fiber broadband to expand the catalog of content that can be shown in our theaters and improve services for our customers.


The Orange Business teams equipped Gaumont Pathé cinemas with:

  • Very high speed fiber broadband that can adjust to the cinemas’ activities
  • 100% secure connection that guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of content


Films received more quickly
Through the new, high-speed broadband connection, films can be downloaded to the Gaumont Pathé cinemas’ servers in less than an hour, compared to the five or six hours that it previously took. That's a significant time savings for the programming teams. In addition, 4DX and 3D films, which are becoming increasingly widespread, generate files of up to 400 GB, so high-speed broadband is essential for maintaining efficiency. And a fully secure connection safeguards all of the transfers.

More experiences for movie goers
Operas, ballets, shows, sporting events...with high-speed broadband, the movie theaters can broadcast shows live wherever they are in the world with exceptional image and sound quality, providing new experiences for visitors of Gaumont Pathé cinemas.

Multitude of services for customers
High-speed broadband is also enabling the Gaumont Pathé teams to develop new, modern, innovative services, like buying tickets online or via smartphones and complimentary Wi-Fi in the cinemas' lobbies. These innovative services are streamlining customers' cinema experience.


  • Films are delivered more quickly and more securely
  • A new range of content can be offered to viewers
  • High value-added services revolutionize the experience

Gaumont Pathé is a market-leading cinema chain owned by Pathé, with operations in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

  • 109 cinemas in Europe
  • 1080 screens open 7 days a week