Dobroflot improves ship-to-shore communications and enhances working conditions with Orange Maritime Satellite Services

Issues and challenges

Dobroflot Corporate Group is a leader in the fishing industry in the Far East and Russia’s No. 1 manufacturer of canned fish. It has a fleet of 24 vessels, including the largest floating fish factory, the “Vsevolod Sibirtsev.” The Group has set itself a clear mission to “provide seamless workflow and full life cycle of fish product from harvesting and processing of raw fresh materials in the sea to delivery of the end product."

In this major growing business, employees are a critical factor in ensuring that the Group can meet its customers’ expectations. They are also a significant cost, and consequently, crew recruitment, training and retention is a key priority. Long periods at sea put significant strain on family relationships, often leading to highly trained and skilled employees leaving the organization.

Dobroflot saw an opportunity to use communications technology to better support its crews and, at the same time, increase fleet management efficiency.

"Harvesting and processing fish during long periods at sea is tough work, and modern ICT technologies can help the entire crew stay connected. One of our main goals was to introduce new communications technologies on our vessels, and we wanted an out-of-the-box solution with a predictable budget. Our partner Orange Business has offered us just that."

Yuri Badodin, Technical Director, Dobroflot Corporate Group

The objective

To improve crew welfare conditions during long periods at sea.

  • Orange Managed Satellite Services (VSAT) connecting 14 vessels and onshore operations
  • Guaranteed speed of 2 Mbit/s
  • Full range of ship-to-shore communication and entertainment services
  • Voice communication and traffic optimization
  • Installation and maintenance services
  • Single contract with a fixed monthly payment

Orange Business has enabled Dobroflot to ensure that its fleet has full access to business-critical corporate applications, worldwide.

  • Access to real-time data, wherever the vessels are working, for both fleet and onshore operations
  • Secure, reliable network service
  • Fully managed, end-to-end solution via a single global provider
  • Predictable costs for better budget planning
  • Enhanced crew recruitment and retention
  • Improved monitoring of vessel performance
  • Greater collaboration and accelerated decision making

Dobroflot Corporate Group is a leader in the fishing industry in the Far East and Russia’s No. 1 manufacturer of canned fish.

  • Operations since 1911
  • Fleet of 24 vessels
  • Largest floating fish factory, the “Vsevolod Sibirtsev"