Dacom raises sustainable arable crop production and profits

Issues and challenges

Dacom is the world’s number one provider in agricultural yield management systems for profitable and sustainable arable agriculture. From its headquarters in the Netherlands, it has a dealer network covering 20 countries worldwide. The Dacom vision is to use technology to enhance sustainable production in a way that increases farmer’s profits. It combines sensor technology and scientific knowledge to continuously monitor and fine-tune the production process throughout the growing season.

The company was looking to launch a new telematics standard and enable a range of agriculture applications on the same platform to support an installed base of 10,000 sensors in weather stations, field and soil monitoring and irrigation management sites. The system offers growers practical solutions for profitable, sustainable and smart agriculture. However, buying SIM cards on a per country basis was becoming an unmanageable and expensive process and a barrier to global deployment.

"The M2M communications infrastructure provided by Orange is key to Dacom’s go-to-market strategy as customers are requiring global support and connectivity. Orange is our partner of choice because of the company’s international footprint and strong smart agriculture ambition. Orange offers us a single and dedicated entity for managing our global M2M connectivity requirements."

Janneke Hadders, CEO, Dacom

The objective

Enable farmers to improve sustainable arable crop production and increase profits.

  • Orange M2M solution across 30 countries, including Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan and New Zealand, with tens of thousands of SIM M2M connections worldwide
  • Flexible, scalable M2M communications infrastructure
  • Crop management information via smartphone and tablet
  • Dedicated SIM card management portal
  • Solution design and development
  • Project management

The Orange M2M solution has enabled Dacom to move towards its vision of using technology to enhance arable crop production around the world.

  • Continuous crop monitoring throughout the growing season
  • Guidance for growers on how to tend each plot of land at specific times
  • Easy SIM card ordering, activation and tracking via dedicated portal
  • Global single point of contact
  • Scalable solution to meet growing demand
  • Platform for future innovation in agricultural yield management
  • Reliable, seamless data transfer
  • Device-agnostic smartphones and tablets
  • Increased production yields
  • Support for sustainability targets
  • Greater profits for farmers
  • Global scalable platform for the future


Dacom is the world’s number one provider in agricultural yield management systems for profitable and sustainable arable agriculture

  • Headquarters in the Netherlands
  • Dealer network covering 20 countries worldwide