A multinational manufacturing company that prides itself on its product innovation capabilities knew that it needed to better align its technology investment with business outcomes to maintain its competitive advantage. It had, however, come to a crossroads on which direction to take.

As a result, the company was at a turning point in its IT infrastructure strategy. It was looking for a new way of working, built on decentralization and offering more power to its diverse business units. The company had an outsourcing contract coming to the end of its life. It embarked on an ambitious migration program, moving its workloads from data centers to the cloud to reduce costs.

Defining a connected, secure and optimized strategy

The company was challenged in getting a pragmatic view of its IT landscape. At this juncture, the company realized that it needed a consulting partner to help it define a new future-proofed, secure digital infrastructure and connectivity strategy that would support the business roadmap.

The company asked Orange Business infrastructure consultants to define a new secure infrastructure strategy and associated connectivity.

Addressing risks and opportunities

Infrastructure strategy consulting is an essential pillar of the Orange Business Evolution Platform, comprised of multicloud optimization, cloud networking and secure access service edge (SASE).

These components, brought together using a vendor-agnostic and holistic approach, can be utilized concurrently or independently to streamline and secure operations, enabling organizations to become agile and do more with their data to create a competitive advantage.

At the same time, Evolution Platform provides streamlined connectivity and automation to the cloud, in the cloud and from the cloud.

A blueprint for change

Orange Business consultants provided the perfect answer for the company, establishing a robust co-created plan that got successful buy-in and participation from primary business and IT stakeholders.

The consulting strategy resulted in deploying an SD-WAN to take advantage of the Internet and a transition to the cloud. Our consultants helped the multinational to understand the vast array of underlay and overlay options and what would best suit the business. Underlay offers various connection types, including MPLS, Internet and wireless broadband. Overlay options include edge devices and SD-WAN appliances.

A move to SASE and the introduction of multisourcing service integration (MSI) provide seamless end-to-end management of multiple IT service suppliers through a single interface. This has provided the company with a unified vision of end-to-end performance.

A future-proofed solution

The company was delighted with the outcome of the consultancy, getting business sponsorship for the strategy moving forward.

The Orange Business vendor-agnostic approach, proven methodologies and real-world experience ensured the multinational received a roadmap for a secure, reliable and cost-efficient solution to drive transformation.

The strategy, built around Evolution Platform, enables the company to optimize the cloud to do business from now on and will reduce the total cost of ownership by over 20% over the next five years. In addition, it allows the multinational to future proof its IT plans and ensure that the business aligns with technology to achieve its goals.

reduction in TCO over the next five years