Arkas chose an Orange hybrid network solution and satellite connectivity to improve vessel management

Issues and challenges

Arkas is the largest Turkish container shipping company with 50 vessels. Its headquarters is based in Izmir, and the company employs over 7,300 people operating from 63 offices in 25 countries worldwide.

Arkas is committed to meeting the high crew welfare standards that are mandatory under international maritime law. Reliable, secure, ship-to-shore communication for crew to friends and family and also for vessel management is critical. The company had a legacy of satellite systems with dated technology, high tariffs, unpredictable usage-based charges and no SLAs in place. In addition, legacy providers could not deliver vessel-to-office on-net communication.

As part of its digital transformation, Arkas decided to source a partner that could deliver satellite communications that would meet its legal obligations and provide better support to its worldwide shipping operations.

"At Arkas, our objective was to find a solution with a powerful communications infrastructure to integrate our fleet of vessels into the corporate network and to improve overall operational efficiency. Through this digital transformation, we have achieved higher service quality levels by using advanced technology to improve operational readiness and provide better end-user experience for our employees."

Mert Oruz, CIO, Arkas Holdings

The objective

Ensure compliance with maritime law while enhancing vessel management and crew welfare.

  • Orange hybrid network: terrestrial and satellite connectivity, managed security and Business VPN Internet to connect 11 vessels and 25 sites on land
  • Orange Maritime Connect integrates the fleet with the Arkas corporate network
  • Unified communications access for crew
  • Real-time data flow for geolocation, fleet status and monitoring consumables
  • Program management

Orange Business is enabling Arkas to improve its ship-to-shore communications capabilities and enhance vessel management.

  • Higher crew moral, which increases retention rates
  • Assistance in complying with maritime laws
  • Single provider of reliable, secure, global network
  • Integrated help desk support
  • Better end-user experience and ship management
  • Global security and governance polices
  • Lower, predictable costs

Arkas is the largest Turkish container shipping company with 50 vessels.

  • Headquarters in Izmir
  • 63 offices
  • 25 countries worldwide