Air France enhances the customer experience with on-board Wi-Fi

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Issues and challenges

Air France, the leading French airline, wished to offer its passengers continuous Wi-Fi connectivity on board its aircraft, an innovation that makes it possible to work and communicate with friends and family when flying. On-board connectivity is also an opportunity for Air France to enrich its customers' experience. They can now buy train, subway and connecting flight tickets or book their taxis or chauffeur-driven cars while in the air. There is no longer a need to wait to make these purchases at the airport, which considerably reduces queuing time and uncertainty with regard to the remainder of their journeys.

“For Air France, partnering with Orange, an operator with expertise in mobile and connected technologies, is a guarantee of quality service. The on-board Wi-Fi works regardless of the country the plane is flying over. There is nowhere that it does not work. This consistency is a major benefit for Air France, allowing us to provide a quality connection as part of our strategy of excellence.”

Carole Peytavin, Customer Experience Director, Air France


For its on-board Wi-Fi service, Air France partnered with Orange Business and chose:

  • An expert in connected technology and mobility
  • A relevant and innovative technical solution: satellites placed within aircraft for continuous connectivity
  • The support of a reliable operator who guarantees excellent on-board quality for Air France


Strengthening the brand's image of excellence
Air France partnered with Orange to guarantee a quality connection for its customers as part of its strategy of excellence. Connectivity while flying is guaranteed, whatever country the plane is flying over. The Group's stated objective: to equip 100% of its fleet with on board Wi-Fi by 2020.

Enriching the customer experience
Using the new on-board connectivity capabilities, Air France is developing new services. Customers can now buy subway tickets or book taxis over Wi-Fi while in the air, thus considerably reducing their time spent waiting in lines at the airport. Connectivity also enables real-time communications, for example, users are informed as soon as a delay is announced or a connecting flight is changed.

Innovating for a quality connection
With on-board satellites in the aircraft itself, Air France is able to offer its customers connectivity from take-off to landing. This connectivity is provided by Orange, which guarantees users excellent on-board service quality.


  • Continuous connectivity in Air France aircraft
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Quality service guaranteed by Orange
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