Lyon Parc Auto eases parking with contactless mobile app

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Issues and challenges
  • Facilitate travel for motorists in Lyon and allow them to park their vehicles more easily
  • Offer Lyon Parc Auto (LPA) users a simple and innovative mobile app
  • Enhance LPA’s services with new technology
  • Increase the occupancy of parking lots
  • Improve LPA’s knowledge of customer behavior
"Lyon Parc Auto provides motorists in Lyon with an innovative contactless mobile app that operates on Android and iOS for easier parking. The app guides users from A to Z, from searching for the nearest parking lot with available spaces – the app guides you in your vehicle and on foot – to issuing a paperless ticket on your Android smartphone via NFC as you enter the parking lot."

Louis Pelaez, CEO, Lyon Parc Auto


Lyon Parc Auto uses:

  • The ID Pack solution by the NFC Service Center, a paperless service that operates on NFC smartphones
  • Xamarin technology for the development of both Android and iOS apps
  • A well-designed, user-friendly mobile app that can locate available spaces in the nearest parking lot, guide the user to the lot and provide access using an electronic ticket
  • Contactless payment via the app with an Android NFC smartphone
  • User support via the mobile app throughout the user’s journey
  • Fast and easy access to LPA parking lots
  • Real-time access to information
  • Optimized access to LPA services
  • Electronic badges and LPA tickets on NFC smartphones
  • Proximity and interaction with users
  • Enhanced reputation and increased brand awareness of LPA for its innovative solutions
  • More user-friendly experience for motorists
  • Unhindered access to parking lots
  • Innovative digital solution

Lyon Parc Auto is a major player in parking management in Lyon.

  • 30 parking lots in Greater Lyon
  • 6,500,000 users per year
  • 165 employees