Alliance Forêts Bois uses digital technology to make its forestry workers' lives easier

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Issues and challenges

Constantly in the field, Alliance Forêts Bois' almost 220 forestry workers advise, diagnose and analyze the country's tracts of forest on a daily basis. They help member owners to maintain, enhance and reforest their land. But how can they easily access up-to-date geographic data? Up until now, forestry workers had to go back and forth to their office or the town hall. Perhaps digital technology could help them?

"We introduced digital tools that make our forestry workers’ daily lives much easier in the field. With a few clicks, they can access all the data they need, and they have the best network coverage in France’s forests."

Stéphane Vieban, CEO, Alliance Forêts Bois

The objective

Improve the working conditions of forestry workers by providing them with a tablet tailored to their job.


The Orange Business teams worked with Alliance Forêts Bois to make forestry workers' lives easier in the field. They equipped the 220 employees with tablets that they can use to access IGN maps of the region, up-to-date aerial photos of forests with just a few clicks.

Orange Business provided:

  • Samsung tablets with reinforced, shockproof covers and integrated modules for automatic connection
  • The Business Everywhere solution to connect to the Orange mobile network
  • A Mobile Device Management solution to manage the tablets

Better working conditions
With their new digital tools, the employees, who cover thousands of kilometers every year, have reduced unnecessary travel. The solution significantly improves their working conditions.

More reliable and accessible data
With just a few clicks, the forestry workers can access the latest cartographic, technical, economic and administrative information about the tracts of forest. The new tool improves their efficiency in the field.

Optimal network coverage
With the Orange 3G and 4G coverage, the forestry workers stay connected and can access the information they need.

Image boost for members
In direct contact with the owner members, the Alliance Forêts Bois forestry workers equipped with tablets project an image of modernity. Members appreciate the solution because it has made working with the forestry cooperative a breeze.

  • 220 forestry workers equipped with tablets
  • Easy access to essential data for their jobs
  • Appreciated by members

Alliance Forêts Bois is France's leading forestry cooperative

  • 45 years of experience
  • 17,000 projects per year
  • 1 tree planted by the cooperative every 2 seconds
  • 500 employees
  • 40,000 private forest owner members
  • 200 million euros in consolidated turnover