WAN Summit Frankfurt: get under the hood of SD-WAN

For those of you still considering SD-WAN in your WAN architecture roadmap, I am speaking on a panel at the WAN Summit in Frankfurt, War Stories – Experiences with SD-WAN adoption from POC to implementation, on May 21, 2019. I will be sharing my first-hand experiences from working with our multinational customers who have tested and subsequently rolled out global SD-WANs.

The demand for SD-WAN continues to grow across all industries to help manage complex and diverse networking infrastructures. Cloud applications’ demand for more bandwidth and lower latency is also fueling this market. SD-WAN is specifically designed for these real-world business challenges.

Our discussion panel will lift the hood on SD-WAN, review experiences on SD-WAN adoption, evaluate results and look at network management changes motivated by the technology. Pointing to some real-world examples here at Orange Business Services, we have experience with SD-WAN deployments with multinational conglomerate Siemens, plastic packaging giant Weener Plastics and global consulting engineering firm Aurecon

The panel will explore end users, carriers and vendors experiences in integrating SD-WAN into customers’ corporate networks and provide insight surrounding concerns and successes.

In the panel I will help uncover the facts behind SD-WAN:

  • Find out about the reality of SD-WAN marketing – is it true or false?
  • Learn how there is potential for a return on investment in the early stages of SD-WAN deployment
  • Understand the impact of brownfield and greenfield migration processes
  • How to put in place a best practice framework grounded on due diligence to help you realize success with SD-WAN faster.

Again, the panel discussion will take place at 11:50 am on Tuesday, May 21 at the WAN Summit in Frankfurt. I hope to see you there.

Jean Critcher
Jean Critcher

Jean Critcher is Head of Solution Consulting, Europe at Orange Business Services and has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. She was founder of several professional services startups in the late 1990s focused on consulting and executing technical innovation for global multinational companies. She joined Orange Business Services in 1999 helping to deploy their first VoIP and MPLS services to customers.

At Orange, she has held several senior roles in product marketing and development and professional services, managing the business and technical practice areas of networking, security and application performance management (APM). Within Orange, Jean leads a team of professional services consultants based throughout Europe who consult and deliver unified comms-collaboration, APM, security and SDN/SD-WAN solutions for global multinational customers. Over the last two years, her team has been driving the SDN/SD-WAN journey transformation of Orange customers.