VivaTech 2019: Orange Business presents the startups of tomorrow

IoT, AI, 5G… there was a startup for almost every acronym at the jam-packed Orange Business VivaTech 2019 stand. The theme of this year’s festival? Collaboration, innovation, acceleration.

VivaTech’s fourth edition was a truly global event, welcoming tech leaders and innovators from around the world. Despite an impressive array of guests, including Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alibaba founder Jack Ma, startups were undoubtedly the star of this year’s show. Showcasing 170 of tomorrow’s most exciting businesses across the three-day event, Orange reaffirmed its commitment to accompanying nascent digital talent and supporting innovation that’s as collective as it is collaborative.

A digital ecosystem powered by co-creation

Orange Business CEO Helmut Reisinger described the brand’s vision: “We believe in an Internet that’s oriented towards businesses – in an environment that helps brands differentiate themselves via co-creation.”

Alongside the founders of startups Actility and Apizee, Reisinger spoke of the importance of establishing partnerships with up-and-coming tech leaders and innovators, advocating a comprehensive approach to creating the digital ecosystems of the future. He added: “Today’s challenge is no longer about connecting people, but about connecting knowledge, skills, products and services, and operational sites.”

Performance gains, commercial development and peer-to-peer learning are the cornerstones of the latest group-wide action at Orange Business, alongside its network of partners. The Group’s strategy has already led to a number of significant real-life innovations, including Apizee’s real-time video assistance platform, now integrated into Orange Business wider commercial offer, and Actility’s IoT-centered connectivity solutions, today accessible on a global scale as part of the Orange business solutions.

By quickly and pertinently integrating the expertise of these two startups into its global strategy, Orange is able to recommend innovative solutions to its existing clients. The Group’s startup partners, meanwhile, are able to access exciting new opportunities on an international scale. This combination of cutting-edge technology and borderless markets offers a major competitive advantage to both the Group and its partners.

Innovation without borders: a collaborative approach

The Orange 1,000-strong network of startup partners (past and present) highlights the Group’s commitment to ethical innovation for all.

“Recent technological advances both in distribution and digital services are creating a new market for new services,” Orange Innovation Director Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière says.

Startup incubator Orange Fab has worked with innovators from a variety of fields: IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence, to name just a few. Zeetta, a startup from the eighth edition of Orange Fab, was one of the first to take advantage of the Group’s beta 5G network. Another recent member of the incubator, Dot Watch, is developing a watch that tells the time in Braille.

Orange Fab also includes several initiatives working towards reinforcing diversity in tech. The Women Start program aims to help women founders or co-founders across the world grow their businesses, while Orange Silicon Valley aims to bring Bay Area innovation to the Group’s global network.

What about cyber security?

Rapid industrial and technological expansion, as well as the "data explosion," are having a significant impact on traditional business structures. Indeed, issues surrounding cyber security have never been more pressing.

At this year’s VivaTech, Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense hosted a secret event in the Orange Hall of Tech – obtaining access to sensitive data isn’t just for hackers! Visitors took part in a Mission: Impossible-style escape game across three rooms, illustrating key risks and issues surrounding cyber security today.

Julien François
Julien François

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