Video: The lighter side of business continuity during a crisis

We’ve all been through something extraordinary during the first half of 2020. The COVID-19 crisis has radically changed the lives of people around the globe. Business plans everywhere have been torn up as business continuity contingency plans were pulled out to replace them.

At Orange Business we’ve been with our customers on the front line of the battle for business continuity. We’ve been fully mobilized and working hard with them to help them operate as best as possible during this unprecedented crisis.

You’ll find legions of case studies detailing how we have been there, working closely with our customers all through these difficult times. But do you know what I, personally, think is one of the most incredible parts of this story? It is that, for both us and our customers, most of this had to be done from the safety of our own homes.

I’m sure you all have some stories to tell about life under lockdown, some good and maybe some not so good. It’s the same here at Orange Business, where we’ve also juggled professional and family demands in close quarters, as we spent months working from home during enforced confinement.

Like most of us at Orange, the Cairo Service Management team is a happy team. Maybe this is how they kept their sense of humor intact in such difficult circumstances. The team even produced a video to prove they can see the lighter side of any crisis.

The video, entitled “El Meeting,” is not your average business continuity corporate video. Oh no. Instead, this is a charming, behind-the-scenes look at what the work life balance has been like around here lately.

I hope you enjoy it, and laugh at it, as much as I did.

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Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

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