Using HR expertise and digital innovation for effective recruitment


Tough targets and deadlines demand creative and bold solutions. Orange Business Services HR got creative in Delhi, when Cairo faced a pressing need to recruit some new IT and networking people.

The team decided to do things differently and, rather than call a recruitment agency with a brief, they held a recruitment fair for pre-selected candidates, all with up to three years experience in relevant fields.

A day of intensive interviews for multiple roles led to almost thirty people being offered positions at Orange Business Services. Great news for the new hires, and also a win for our HR team who were facing very tight deadlines to fill the new vacancies. The team also did the job at a significantly lower cost per hire than if they’d engaged an agency.

The project used digital tools to engage the relevant audience including LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp. The digital theme was continued at the event where Facebook and WhatsApp where again used. They proved useful tools for branding, customer survey, and communicating with the attendees and speakers.


The event was a success and, as a result, there will be some new faces at Orange before the year is out. The process was a rewarding and valuable experience for the teams involved in Delhi as well as in Cairo, and it shows that creativity, collaboration and a willingness to try something different can deliver great results.

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Glenn Le Santo

International Social and Media Manager at Orange Business Services. I'm in charge of our International social media and the English language blogs at Orange Business Services. In my spare time I'm literally captain of my own ship, spending my time on the wonderful rivers and canals of England.