Top five blog highlights of 2017

IoT, networking, AI. 2017 has been a year of innovation and development. Here’s our top five articles from our digital year.

Digital applications promise to create the Smart Port

IoT, cloud computing and ubiquitous network connectivity are driving digital transformation in sea ports the world over. The future of shipping ports will be faster, smarter, greener and connected. To survive, they will need to utilize the power of IoT to intensively share information, adhere to best practices and reduce their carbon footprint. Jan Howells, technology writer, tells us how digital applications are playing a central role in the creation of smart ports. Access to the blog.

Intent-based networking – giving the network some smarts

What is intent-based networking (IBN)? It is the next stage in the evolution of network software management. Utilizing IBN means network administrators can work from a more top-level standpoint, and simply tell networks what their “intent” is. This frees up network administrators to focus on instant responses and other business-critical tasks rather than their time being consumed implementing policies. Steve Harris, head of APAC for Futurity Media decodes values and benefits of intent-based networking. Access to the blog.

Death of the deskphone

“Is the deskphone dead?” It was forecasted in media that the end of 2017 would see as many as 30 percent of enterprises no longer supporting deskphones for all staff. Today, technology, mobile devices and unified communications (UC) have continued to mature and gain stronger footholds in the enterprise. More and more UC apps and social media tools are available, giving end-users more ways than ever to make calls over the IP network. So what is the future for the phone call? Steve Harris gives acute analysis on this topic. Access to the blog.

Can AI make manufacturing smart?

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize manufacturing. Innovative manufacturers are already using AI as part of “Industry 4.0” for predictive maintenance and automated quality control. This is only just the beginning. The next will “fundamentally change the way we live, work and relate to one another”, according to Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. Discover how AI, connected devices and smart technologies will play a central role in this cognitive era. Access to the blog.

Best of both worlds with SD-WAN

Nowadays a better experience from applications are greatly requested both in the cloud and on-premise through all devices. According to McKinsey, enterprises will make a major shift “from building IT to consuming IT” to satisfy this end-user hunger in the next three years. The big problem for many enterprises, however, is their legacy networks are inflexible and often incapable of supporting multiple access methods or architectural changes. This mix needs to include secure and stable Internet connectivity, which can offer an excellent end-user application experience, without connection and delay issues. Learn more about how to improve network performance and speed with an SD-WAN overlay. Access to the blog

Yanan Jing
Yanan Jing

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