Stay connected with your global customers with Contact Center Access Online Ordering

Driven by a desire to efficiently support their clients worldwide when they could only rely on telephony networks, even in remote areas, a customer approached us at Orange Business asking if we could help.

This major global hotel booking IT company relied on reactivity and agility to ensure they could meet the constantly shifting demands of their business. To provide the best customer journey and experience, they needed us to provide them with sophisticated yet simple and flexible tools. Our solutions would help guide their customers to make the best accommodation booking choices.

With Contact Center Access, our customer’s clients are now able to reach its support services anytime for booking, making changes and inquiries by calling international numbers from wherever they are.

Orange Business digital portals, such as Contact Center Access Online Ordering, allow our customer to instantly create new live and ready-to-use access numbers anywhere from Kazakhstan or Singapore without having to wait for manual provisioning and setup that can take up to four weeks with other telco providers. Contact Center Access Digital enables the provision of 24/7 support in their customers' preferred languages by creating calling scenarios that help to route a call to the right call center depending on caller location, calling date or time.

It’s a global solution thanks to our extended coverage in more than 120 countries. For example, a caller can dial the customer hotline in Peru to reach support staff in Morocco – or in the Philippines, depending on the time of day – and change the dates of a reservation he made for a guest house in Japan.

The new Contact Center Access online tools API gives our customer full autonomy and freedom to address new and demanding challenges from increasingly nomadic travelers, while helping them and their partners (such as airline companies and hotel chains) to accelerate their own digital transformation.

With our help, the customer has been able to boost business with the aid of instant number ordering and setup in Oman, UAE and Taiwan. They can easily plan and anticipate their support service launch country by country thanks to the live view on Orange of existing stocks of available numbers.

We were glad to help our customer take care of their customers with a truly global, digital solution to their needs. If you recognize the situation that our customer faced, find out how we can help your business in this brochure.

Minh Anh
Minh Anh

Minh Anh joined Orange Business as International Voice Product Manager where she is in charge of Contact Center Access digitization and access number portability.

After France and Slovakia, she is now based in Singapore where she likes traveling around South East Asia and is learning Chinese and Vietnamese.