Richardson RFPD turns to Orange Business for global IoT connectivity

Seamless connectivity is critical to make the Internet of Things (IoT) a viable business, and customer experience and global reach are becoming even more important as the market expands and matures. There are more and more connected devices across the world collecting a larger volume of data that needs to be transmitted and processed in real time.

Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Electronics company, had this top of mind when it turned to Orange Business for a solution to connect the IoT modules, gateways and devices that it builds for its customers on a global scale. As a global leader in the RF, wireless communications, IoT and power technology markets, Richardson RFPD needed a robust solution to transmit data from smart devices across different regions and countries. Bandwidth becomes an issue; range becomes an issue. Some companies may try to string multiple local carriers together, but those efforts could result in high latency, higher costs and more complexity.

The Orange solution will offer Richardson RFPD true end-to-end connectivity, paving the way to new innovations in smart cities, industrial asset monitoring and tracking, fleet management, smart meters and so much more. With the explosive growth of IoT, the possibilities are limitless to what Orange and Richardson RFPD can do together.

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Andrew Nash
Andrew Nash

Andrew has worked in the wireless industry for more than 19 years, with a specific focus on IoT for over eight years. Currently he is the IoT Client Director for Orange Business in North America. When he’s not focused on connected devices, he enjoys playing golf and coaching his son’s baseball team.