Orange secures enterprise internet use by embedding Zscaler into Business VPN Internet

Orange Business has industrialized its Zscaler offering for Business VPN Internet with Web Content Protection (WCP). It is designed to solve security challenges facing IT departments using Orange Business VPN Internet as they work to meet growing demands for internet and cloud use.

Orange Business VPN Internet users are increasingly looking for ways to manage their internet resources alongside development agility, ease of deployment and integration, while ensuring optimized processes and workflows stay as protected as possible.

To this end, Orange Business is offering Orange Business VPN Internet customers an option called Web Content Protection (WCP), which provides a management layer alongside additional end-to-end security for the network. The beauty of WCP is that it uses Zscaler cloud-based security technology, which means Orange Business VPN Internet customers don’t need to make any additional capex investment.

Securing business internet access

Orange Business VPN Internet has been developed to help enterprises deal with the massive increase in the use of the internet and cloud applications within their organization. It securely manages internet traffic and ensures an enterprise’s security policy is applied everywhere. At the same time, it provides an improved end-user experience, simplified operations through global quality and performance management, plus increased flexibility and cost efficiency.

Orange Business has been working closely with Zscaler since 2011 and the WCP service further reinforces the relationship. Orange has set up more than 100 customers with Zscaler as a managed WCP, WPS (Web Protection Suite) or unmanaged service. Zscaler and Orange currently secure 1.2 million end users.

WCP industrializes the service delivery mechanism for Orange Business VPN Internet customers, making it repeatable, scalable and reliable. This allows Orange to rationalize the tools and processes it uses to deliver, maintain and monitor the service to these specific customers. It also enables Orange to standardize the network architectures and security policies management to allow combined service configuration and incident management with Zscaler.

Resources usage has been optimized to ensure a high quality of service. At the same time, this delivery process has been designed to reduce costs and risks related to service deployment.

Cost-effectively scale

The big advantage of WCP is that enterprises can cost-effectively scale it to address their global business growth. There is no need to backhaul traffic to headquarters, which results in lower bandwidth costs and reduced latency. Bandwidth usage control also helps improve application performance and the end user experience by prioritizing cloud traffic via the internet.

Enterprise visibility and control is provided by way of a management portal. This provides WCP with extensive, granular reporting rights down to user level together with full traffic visibility. The service is priced independently of the number of sites, and it also frees up internal IT and security resources to focus on strategic and architectural issues.

Eliminating fragmented security approach

Deploying fragmented security and decoupling it from the network can create integrity, performance, and manageability issues. These problems occur because enterprises use “tunneling” to reach their internet provider for both technical and reporting reasons. Tunneling essentially creates a tunnel between two points on the network so that data can be securely transmitted between them.

When using multiple internet providers, the IT department will need to support different tunneling approaches and along with these, a multitude of security levels. This puts service integrity at risk, exposing the network to security breaches and unexpected, expensive downtime.

Orange overcomes this problem by embedding WCP directly in Business VPN Internet. This produces one single interface for the end-to-end managed and secure internet solution. WCP seamlessly integrates the Zscaler infrastructure making it transparent to the end user.

By deploying WCP, Orange Business VPN Internet customers have access to a fully scalable solution that meets their internet demands head-on offering rapid deployment and easier administration and operation, while keeping their critical data safe.

WCP is now available worldwide as an extension to Business VPN Internet. Visit for more information.

Steve Pone Nguemdjom

Steve is Senior Consultant at Orange Consulting in the IT and Network transformation community. His mission is to accompany the strategy of IT Directors to help them combine IT performance and cost optimization. Thus, he supports them in IT infrastructures rationalization and optimization projects, helps them anticipate technological breakthroughs and adapt their governance to the ITSM.

Prior to working for Orange, Steve worked as an IT Consultant at Accenture for 7+ years with successful achievements on major IT projects and development of diverse skills in delivering business applications and transforming IT infrastructures for several industries in multicultural global environments : Telecoms, Bank, Insurance and Retail.