Orange public cloud delivers SAP HANA for data-driven business environments

Orange Business has extended its SAP offer with SAP HANA applications now available on the Orange public cloud Flexible Engine.

We are launching a SAP HANA application service on Flexible Engine. This will provide SAP customers with an easy migration to SAP HANA, mandatory by 2025. Our new SAP HANA services on Flexible Engine complement our capabilities on our partners’ infrastructures (AWS and Azure). We can now offer full end-to-end support for SAP and SAP HANA projects from the assessment phase to migration through to run.

SAP HANA enables enterprises to harvest business intelligence and insight from data to support the fast, effective decision making that is essential in today’s digital economy. SAP HANA’s power and real-time results capabilities make it attractive to the retail, management consultancy and recruitment industries.

Support for SAP HANA migration

With over ten years’ experience in the SAP environment and expertise in high-availability database deployment, we can architect and provide full end-to-end support for our customers’ SAP deployments. We are here to act as a trusted partner for digital transformation within the SAP HANA environment and perform necessary migrations accordingly. We rely on platforms and cloud solutions certified by SAP to support SAP and SAP HANA production, including critical applications.

We offer a full range of consulting expertise and services to test, deploy, build a proof of concept (PoC) or optimize your SAP solution. In addition, we have strong expertise in disaster recovery, back-up management, scalability and security. Our operational management is provided 24/7/365, including supervision, service availability, SAP HANA indicator monitoring and back-up management.

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Marine Mathias
Marine Mathias

As Product Owner within the Marketing and Development Department of Orange Business Cloud Services unit, I work on the scope of SAP & Innovation managed services with the objective of providing maximum business value to our customers and developing sales of Orange Business cloud services. For several years now, I have been interested in the innovation and new technologies ecosystem, particularly facilitated by the emergence of cloud services.