Orange Business presents its vision at MWC

Organized by the GMSA, the MWC – the Mobile World Congress – is held annually in Barcelona and is the go-to event for mobile and telecoms professionals. No surprise, then, that it’s an event Orange makes a point of being at each year, so we can discuss our strategy with like-minded professionals and, of course, get a chance to see for ourselves what’s hot in the IT and telecoms world.

Our CEO Helmut Reisinger was in big demand at the show, his first visit as the Head of Orange Business. Helmut appeared on stage at the Bloomberg CEO Forum as well as finding time to chat with journalists, customers and partners at MWC. Here’s a roundup of some of those appearances and interviews.

In an interview with Light Reading’s Editor in Chief Ray Le Maistre, Helmut shares his thinking on the latest trends in Cloud and Security. "We believe in multi-cloud services," explains Helmut, as he discusses with Ray the recent acquisition of cloud services specialist Basefarm. He also talked about the acquisition of Business & Decision and how this acquisition fits very neatly into our strategy around the Data Journey.



During the Bloomberg CEO panel discussion, Helmut outlined his vision on what changes and benefits 5G will bring to business. For Helmut, innovation is the key to getting the best from new technologies. "We Europeans need to learn very quickly," he explained. "So we’re putting a lot of emphasis on co-innovation with our customers and partners." Helmut pointed out that 5G will challenge the industry because, unlike 2G and 3G which were all about mobile connectivity, 5G is going to be a big driver of business transformation.



During an interview with TelecomTV, Helmut expanded on his thinking around the topic of the Internet of Enterprises. "We believe 5G is an eco-system play," said Helmut to Guy Daniels, TelecomTV’s Director of Content. Helmut went on to outline how Orange is co-innovating with partners and customers to drive technology and to produce real business benefits.

Helmut was also interviewed by the Dutch IT Channel, and he took the opportunity to explain the importance of data in business today. "By 2025, the majority of data will be produced by enterprises," he explained. "One of the ways to capture the value of this data is to have an end-to-end data collection and cyber-security system, and 5G will be an enabler to this." Helmut’s appearance comes up at 3m16s into this video.

Of course, Helmut wasn’t our only star at MWC. And to prove it, here’s an interview with Orange Business CTO Phillipe Ensarguet by Total Telecom’s Chris Kelly. Phillipe expanded on the transformational aspects of 5G. "What is going to be interesting with 5G is the ability to deliver much lower latency and much higher speeds, so you are able to multiply the use case where you can increase the data locally and expand the cloud model at the edge of the network," he said. “At MWC 2019, we want to showcase the three pillars that are central to us - 5G, IoT and AI. We want to show businesses that these three pillars are absolutely key to their business development, and we firmly believe that they will play a crucial role in their future business success." Read the rest of the interview here.

Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

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