Orange Business named advocacy program finalist in employee engagement awards

Our innovative employee advocacy program has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2019 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards, highlighting how seriously we take employee involvement.

As a digital and caring employer, empowering our workforce with the very latest digital skills, we are delighted that our employee advocacy program has been recognized for its capabilities in producing a more engaged and influential workforce.

The future of social business

Our voluntary employee advocacy program was only launched back in June 2018 as a pilot but has taken off beyond our expectations. We are delighted by the feedback and overall improvement in the employee experience that is happening as a result – and has been recognized in our awards shortlist placing.

Social sharing application Sociabble forms the hub of our employee advocacy program. Sociabble has enabled us to strike a balance between brand, third-party and user-generated content, as well as internal and external communications, leading to more informed and engaged employees. The intuitive platform now has over 1,000 registered users across Orange Business, and its growing rapidly.

As a result of the pilot, we’ve noticed a real shift in employees with little or no B2B social media experience turning into proactive users using Sociabble. More of our customer-facing executives are moving from traditional communication methods to creating conversations and customer relationships using B2B social media.

The power of a "voice"

Giving our employees a "voice" has dramatically increased our reach across B2B social networks and has made our employees powerful brand ambassadors. Around 2,500 new stories have been proactively suggested by our end users to add to Sociabble, plus thousands of Orange-branded and third-party content stories have been shared by advocates, with a potential global reach of millions.

A sociable way to building a community

We have noticed greater collaboration developing between individuals and teams who may have never spoken previously as a result of the program. Using the Sociabble platform, advocates are proactively sharing experiences, hints and tips and creating a real community spirit that is building day-by-day.

Our employees are our perfect influencers

Our pilot has identified a new group of emerging external influencers whose talents we are nurturing through training and development. These employees are from different specialisms and seniority, and their voices are achieving a wide external reach on social media. We are learning from their experiences to create an exciting new generation of brand ambassadors.

Even more connected

By connecting our social media channels into a single hub through Sociabble, we’ve made it easy for employees to share and consume information and engage them in our social media strategy. As the community grows, so will our digital footprint and reach. Building this credibility isn’t just important for our brand, it is also key to attracting and keeping talented employees.

"As part of our learning culture at Orange Business, we find innovative ways to help our employees develop the right digital skills for our industry. Employee voices are a powerful way to increase our employer attractiveness – but we know that not everyone is confident to publish comments online. In 2018, we introduced Sociabble, a simple platform that makes it easy for employees to share their perspectives on social media. We now have an active community of brand ambassadors who provide valuable insight on life at Orange, so we can attract and retain the right skills for tomorrow."

Mechtild Walser-Ertel, Global Head of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, Orange Business

Tracy Wilks
Tracy Wilks

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