Orange Business announces global innovation space for clients worldwide

Orange Experience Hub simulates real environments, featuring innovative technologies from multiple vendors for solution testing. It will be available both remotely and onsite in Brazil.

Orange Business is excited to announce the launch of the Orange Experience Hub, a collaborative global space designed to support customers on their digital transformation journey. This hub will enable testing and learning of innovative technologies from multiple suppliers by replicating real-world scenarios and environments. Starting April 2024, the space can be accessed remotely or in-person at the Orange Major Service Center (MSC) located in Petrópolis (RJ), Brazil.

"With Orange Experience Hub, we can explore, replicate and solve the technological puzzles our teams and customers are facing by combining multiple solutions and manufacturers from an end-to-end perspective," says Carlos Terra, Head of Expertise & Solution Center, Americas.

The Orange Experience Hub is available for use by both 30,000+ Orange employees globally and thousands of customers worldwide. One of the key differentiators of this space is its role as an environment for co-innovation and demonstration of cutting-edge technologies and services, allowing visitors to understand the entire journey of solutions, including how services are offered, delivered and operated end-to-end.

Jeff Jones, Americas Sales VP, summarized the key advantages as follows, "The challenge for many clients is getting a pre-purchase, hands-on experience within intricate technology environments. The Orange Experience Hub empowers both our team members and clients to engage closely with our technology partners' current solutions and offerings. Additionally, by integrating AI within the environments, we are collaboratively shaping the services of the future."

If used locally, the space serves as a testing ground for collaboration solutions leveraging voice and video from multiple manufacturers. If used virtually, it provides insights into how these services will be configured in the cloud, along with the required connectivity solution and cybersecurity level.

Testing scenarios

Coordination for the use of the Orange Experience Hub is supported by Orange Business experts. Orange provides a manual guide with scenarios that can be used as references to explore specific needs, stimulating better usage of concept testing. Among them are:

  • How does a videoconferencing session work when streamed to both remote locations with limited connectivity and a well-equipped meeting room, with the right level of infrastructure and producing meeting minutes through artificial intelligence?
  • How to address cybersecurity for companies requiring contact center solutions for employees working in hybrid scenarios
  • How to monitor and anticipate potential problems and failures in equipment devices located in factories or production lines, avoiding service interruption

Additional information

The Orange Experience Hub was made possible by the Orange Business partner manufacturers. The MSC facility in Petrópolis leverages sustainable initiatives including solar energy and equipment reuse.

"At Orange Business, we are committed to the responsible and inclusive vision of digital technology, while helping companies reimagine their services. This creates a positive impact for our customers, our employees and the planet," concludes Gustavo Braz, Head of Brazil Major Service Center.


More information about the Orange Experience Hub

  • Available globally
  • Content and visits are conducted in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the languages spoken at the MSC
  • Visits, both physical and virtual, must be coordinated with service experts, and specific agendas (solution demonstrations, laboratory and co-innovation) are defined as needed. Please reach out directly to your Account Manager to schedule your visit or contact us.
Carlos Terra
Carlos Terra

Carlos Terra, Global Delivery & Operations / Global Platform and Services, is a recognized trailblazer in innovation and a transformational leader. With more than 25 years of experience in B2B in the technology and services market, he has led multiple teams in different regions across the globe, over disruptive transformational projects, implementing new ways of working, promoting business development, and translating imagination into execution. Carlos is a member of "Academia Europeia da Alta Gestão" and co-author of two books on management and leadership. He is also a Member of the Brazilian Professionals Abroad United States Executive Group.