Meeting the needs of our customers today: our Business Continuity Plan in figures

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, reliable communications services are vital to our enterprise customers and society in general. Business continuity has hit the top of every organizations' agenda, and with lockdowns and isolation, remote working has suddenly become the norm.

This presents huge challenges for businesses, including companies like ours who find themselves on the frontline and needing to mobilize in order to support our customers during these extraordinary times. The good news is that Orange Business has successfully deployed Business Continuity Plans to support customers during previous major global crises.

Here are some of the numbers behind our latest efforts:

  • The number of users remotely connecting to their companies’ networks has already increased by 700% among our customers. So that they can count on efficient and reliable connectivity, we’ve doubled the capacity for simultaneous connections on our platforms
  • The use of remote collaboration solutions, such as videoconferencing, has also risen massively, with usage increasing by between 20% and 100% depending on the solution. To help our customers handle this surge and to allow their employees to work remotely in the best conditions wherever they are in the world, we’ve also increased our network capacity and upgraded our collaboration services platforms
  • In a single day, our cloud infrastructure teams implemented 70,000 simultaneous teleworking connections dedicated to large enterprise customers – an absolute first
  • We’ve enhanced the capacity of our audio conferencing solutions, increasing the number of simultaneous calls that our customers and employees can make by more than 250%
  • During a three-week period, our cybersecurity teams identified 8,000 new suspect domain name identifiers and sites registered with the terms "COVID" and "coronavirus," most of them being used for fraudulent purposes
  • In France alone, our teams are managing an additional 130 customer operations per day to increase the speed of Internet connections and manage data centers
  • In total, nearly 3,500 Orange Business employees are mobilized to manage our customers’ business-critical activities and will continue to be so as long as needed

Keeping people connected, especially through major crises, takes planning, expertise and responsiveness. At Orange Business, we’re working hard to preserve business continuity, not only for our customers but also for our own organization. The situation our customers face is mirrored here at Orange where, in order to protect our workforce, thousands of normally office-based employees are now working remotely from home.

You can read more about our mobilization efforts in our recent press release: Orange is mobilized to ensure continuity of service for all customers, in France and around the world.

Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

Editor in Chief, International, at Orange Business. I'm in charge of our International website and the English language blogs at Orange Business. In my spare time I'm literally captain of my own ship, spending my time on the wonderful rivers and canals of England.