Managing your cloud automation and orchestration

Multicloud is now standard, creating the agility, flexibility and scalability business needs to operate effectively in a digital economy. But managing it has become increasingly complex. Adopting cloud management and automation tools is the key to success.

Organizations are increasingly looking to leverage the best capabilities available from different cloud vendors to gain a competitive edge. It is little surprise, therefore, that in a recent Gartner survey of public cloud users, 81% confirmed they are working with two or more cloud providers.

Multicloud is even more prevalent in software-as-a-service (SaaS) procurement. Today, 60% of multicloud organizations use 50 or more unique SaaS vendors. Multicloud strategies have seen the rise of complicated enterprise ecosystems dense with unique vendors, according to Forrester Research.

However, multicloud projects are by their very nature complex. Many organizations don’t have the in-house skillsets required to manage the changing face of cloud, and it takes time to develop them. At the same time, cloud isn’t a tick box. Processes must be continually improved on the journey to maturity.

Achieving a unified view across an organization’s cloud estate is not easy. There is no single tool in the shape of a silver bullet that will handle all of an organization’s cloud management needs. In fact, IDC has found that 85% of organizations are grappling to reach cloud maturity in the Asia Pacific and reap its benefits due to a skills drought and migration difficulties. Figures are similar in other regions.

A single pane of glass with Orange Cloud Management Tools

Multicloud demands that enterprises take a fresh look at the way their IT estates are managed. It creates complexities, which intensify the traditional issues that IT departments face, including visibility, security, performance, processes integration and automation.

With the growing number of data and applications across multiple cloud infrastructures, a single pane of glass is essential to ensure cloud sprawl does not get out of control. This is the key reason many organizations are turning to experienced partners like Orange Business to help by using a managed cloud services model for end-to-end visibility.

Orange Cloud Management Tools offers enterprises the suitable tools, as well as a partner with single point of responsibility, that are needed to manage a multicloud environment and maintain control of performance, processes, visibility, spend and, increasingly, the user experience. This provides access to cloud infrastructure experts, which is key where in-house competencies are lean, and frees up IT teams to focus on business-generating projects.

As digital business scales up, automaton will become increasingly important. By 2025, more than 90% of organizations will have an automation architect, up from 20% today, according to Gartner. This leader, the analyst firm maintains, will be addressing use cases with business strategy.

81% of public cloud users are working with 2 or more cloud providers

Keeping track of clouds

With cloud providers offering on-demand, self-service resources, it isn’t easy for organizations to keep track of what is being consumed, or where. Companies often struggle to pick out the right tools and maintain their in-house expertise across the various tools and platforms.

Orange helps to simplify multicloud journeys by picking the set of tools that works well together, while at the same time providing the expertise for these tools.

Orange has the expertise across the major public cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, GCP and Alicloud. Orange Cloud Management Tools – Cloud Adviser, Cycloid and Prometheus and Grafana – help you easily manage a multicloud environment end to end. Providing total visibility on a single pane to monitor performance, optimize costs and integrate with security policies, so that you can focus on your core business.

Cloud management will become more of a challenge

Cloud management tools provide automation and reduce the complexity of existing cloud infrastructures. But their role doesn’t stop there. They can also help organizations plan for the future, ensuring they have the right solution to achieve the right business outcomes.

Multicloud management will not get easier as cloud consumption grows. But that's where cloud automation management comes in, through a trusted partner who can take the pressure out of your cloud multisourcing with the right tools, skills and expertise to ensure users can access applications in agile and secure clouds.

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Christophe Ozer
Christophe Ozer

Head of Cloud Asia Pacific, Orange Business

As Head of Cloud in the region, Christophe is responsible for driving and supporting APAC country teams to grow pipeline and win new and large transformational deals for cloud. He has lived in Japan for more than 10 years, and as head of Orange Business Japan for over seven years, is well versed in the Japanese market.