Lead the Future: driving sustainability and climate change awareness through Climate Fresk workshop

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the importance of balancing growth and profitability with social responsibilities, digital inclusion and environmental sustainability. As part of the Orange Business Lead the Future strategy, Orange Business is actively taking steps to drive sustainability across all aspects of our operations. One key initiative that aligns with this strategy is Climate Fresk – a collaborative workshop designed to raise climate change awareness and foster sustainable practices.

The urgency of sustainability

With global challenges such as population growth and limited natural resources, sustainability has become a critical concern for businesses. Addressing socio-economic and environmental issues is essential for long-term success. Furthermore, the digital gap continues to perpetuate inequalities, underscoring the need for companies to embrace social and environmental topics.

Sustainability as a competitive advantage

To meet sustainability targets, businesses must reinvent their solutions, services and technologies. Reconsidering design methodology while adopting a circular-economy approach, which focuses on reducing waste, pollution and promoting sustainable design, can help align businesses with sustainability goals. Co-innovation initiatives, involving partnerships with peer companies and customers, play a pivotal role in developing solutions that reduce carbon footprints and optimize IT usage efficiency.

Climate Fresk: raising awareness and triggering action

Within the Lead the Future strategy, initiatives like Climate Fresk play a crucial role in driving sustainability and climate change awareness. Climate Fresk is a collaborative workshop where participants play and discuss climate change, inspiring actions around sustainability. By integrating Climate Fresk into their sustainability initiatives, businesses enhance their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Climate Fresk is designed to decrypt scientific facts drawn from the UN’s IPCC organization and the Climate expert scientific community. Through interactive game play and educational sessions, Climate Fresk fosters a deeper understanding of climate change and its urgency. By equipping participants with knowledge and fostering collaboration, Climate Fresk empowers individuals to be agents of change within their communities.

In the Americas region, Climate Fresk has seen substantial engagement, conducting a total of twelve virtual sessions and three in-person sessions in the United States. These sessions have brought together 114 participants from various countries and areas, creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment. The overwhelming response and participation demonstrate the growing interest and commitment to addressing climate change and building sustainable practices.

Sandra Modolin, Climate Fresk Facilitator

Sustainability begins in the workplace

Digital transformation has a significant impact on the workplace, demanding new skill sets and emphasizing sustainability. Employees, especially millennials, are increasingly seeking employment with environmentally sustainable companies that support diversity and gender equality. By incorporating sustainability initiatives, businesses can attract and retain talent that values sustainability and actively contributes to positive change. We are optimizing our operational carbon footprint to become a green, carrier-grade operator. We are also actively contributing to the Orange Group’s objective to be carbon neutral by 2040.

Tech for good and making a positive impact

Digital technology has the power to reduce inequalities, promote inclusion and bridge the digital divide. Through the Lead the Future strategy, businesses leverage technology for social good. Initiatives such as e-health and smart cities demonstrate a commitment to making a positive impact on society. Actively engaging employees in local community projects further reinforces the company's commitment to creating a sustainable and equitable world.

The success of Climate Fresk in the Americas is a testament to its collaborative and interactive approach, empowering individuals to understand the urgency of climate change and actively engage in mitigating its impact. In each of our sessions, one or several participants has showed an interest or already volunteered to become a facilitator. This is probably the best and most impact we can make as individuals – committing to sharing this with our communities to make a difference.

Bertrand Bellegarde, Climate Fresk Facilitator

As businesses navigate the path towards sustainability, initiatives like Climate Fresk are instrumental in driving climate change awareness and fostering sustainable practices. With Climate Fresk workshops, Orange Business not only prioritizes sustainability but also empowers individuals to act and contribute to positive change. With the combined power of sustainability-driven strategies and climate change awareness programs, businesses can drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the planet.

Leandro Laporta
Leandro Laporta

Leandro Laporta joined the Climate Fresk Community two years ago and has been working with Sandra and Bertrand to spread this initiative as facilitator in the Americas. He is a key player in Latin America, helping build a pool of facilitators for workshops to be completed in both Portuguese and Spanish. He will be helping lead the Latin America team through mentoring and coaching, and most of all, helping us reach our global objective of 60% Orange Business employees trained by the end of the year.