[infographic] build the new workspace

The New Workspace is an exciting topic at the moment, for several reasons. First, you have all the technologies coming together to enable new ways of working and the new workspace.  Of course, all the apps that help people work collaboratively and get their jobs done are great, but these apps rely on a complex array of new devices, ubiquitous broadband, the cloud and – in the business world – some way of managing and securing it all. The technology is great, but to me, what’s really exciting is what it allows people to do.

In fact, it does so much that we are just beginning to figure out how to use the technology for maximum advantage. There are many questions out there among companies trying to figure out not just the technology, but importantly, the business case and ROI.  One thing I think is certain, new workspace tools don’t rely on a central organizations to show people how to use them; people will figure out the way they want to use the tools, and will find ways of using them regardless of any corporate directive.

So “power to the people”  -  empower people with the New Workspace, and watch how they use it to work better, faster, and more efficiently.


build the new workspace

PS: a slideshare version is available here.

Dan da Costa

I manage global marketing for the New Workspace and Unified Communications portfolio. I've held various roles in Engineering, Product Development, Marketing and Product Management and have been with Orange for 13 years, and with BellSouth and various smaller companies prior. 

Born in Brazil, but living in the US since childhood, I have an Electrical Engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration.