Everybody loves HR - Business process optimization

How long until you got your new laptop when you arrived to your new office? When was the last time you received the right employment contract for a new job? During the last 20 years, I have heard all sorts of anecdotes, including receiving a new contract with the incorrect title or wrong remuneration. Or being invited to a “re-org” meeting where the HR person was waiting with a script and a box of tissues (for her). This week, my friend received a £550 bill for a couple of scratches to his company car that had been returned on the last day at work… 8 months ago.

My colleagues from HR explain that taking or removing a new employee from the books requires a lot of paperwork and background activities. This process is often long and cumbersome.

How can we optimize business processes such as the above? Orange Business Together as a Service, powered by Cisco, offers end-to-end integration between several ERP systems and the end-user service.

For example, when the HR team or the new employee accesses the ERP self-service portal, such as ServiceNow, there is seamless integration with the Orange cloud-based telephone system, so the new employee receives a new telephone extension, dial plan, user profile, etc. in just a few clicks.

The benefits for the business are obvious as there is clear optimization in the joining and leaving process, and the end-user satisfaction with HR increases. It won’t cost the earth. This is a complete PAYG model without any upfront charge, except for a physical IP phone or headset. However, research suggests that just 20% of new employees want a physical device because most of us now prefer a softphone or mobile applications.

Foreign languages presenting a challenge? The Orange end-user portal is available in 31 languages and is accessible 24/7.

To discuss cloud-based telephone-system services, contact Javier on Javier.Sanz-Blasco@orange.com.

Javier Sanz-Blasco

Javier holds an MBA at Henley Business School (UK) and has more than 20 years’ experience in Unified Communications. He currently works as Sales Executive at Orange, where he maps the business requirements of the biggest multinationals to a service. An avid reader and former chess player, he enjoys hiking with his family the mountains of Picos de Europa in Spain and long distance running along the Thames River.