enterprise social and video: get ready for a curveball

I’m excited for a customer of mine that has just deployed the Capture-Transform-Share (CXS) set of products from Cisco. For anyone not familiar with CXS, this is the suite of products replacing the Digital Media Services (DMS) product line. And, at a very high level, Show and Share, one of the components, is meant to create a YouTube-like environment for enterprise business video. 

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As I mentioned last month following Enterprise Connect in Orlando, video is now front and center in the conversations and support requests being asked by our customer’s IT teams. Customers with TelePresence and Audio Visual (A/V) Integrated rooms used for meetings, training, and presentations are going to see recording as simply intuitive. And revisiting these captured videos because of the inability to accommodate the time, or maybe you’d like to review to improve for the next session, again as a no brainer.  But my bigger question is how do we integrate this into the corporate culture?  And, how do we help it benefit the business?  

Show and Share is meant for an enterprise organization as a whole, and not necessarily specific business units, or marketing, or human resources.  If this technology is to be as successful as YouTube or Facebook on the personal side, we’re going to have to put some time and energy into developing the meet points to Corporate Marketing.

I don’t think this is a foreign conversation for any of us, but it is not our typical conversation.  Our technology teams tend to gravitate towards developing relationships with the Information Technology teams of our customers, and not so much in the other areas of our customer’s business.  But, we are going to have to change.

And, this is just the start of social media being focused on Enterprise Business.  Jive Software and WebEx Social are all visions of the future of communications within our corporate teams…that look a lot like Facebook, and are definitely going to appeal to our younger Millennial demographics. Work groups instead of friends; sharing documents instead of recipes or maybe with recipes anyway…it’s coming…and I for one am looking forward to the possibilities.

If you have already rolled out any of these platforms would you mind sharing your experiences?

Love to hear back from you!


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Tammy Higgins

I've been an evangelist for new technologies for business process improvement for over 30 years.  I started in electronics with the US Air Force and have worked in pre-sales engineering and support for technologies like Token Ring, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, TCP/IP, IPVPN, VoIP, wireless, WAN Acceleration, Unified Comms and most recently HD Video Conferencing.