Wouldn't it be good to live in the cloud?

Thumbnail image for tablet.pngSo there I am sitting in another coffee shop between meetings trying to catch-up on my emails on the Smartphone.

I always have two thoughts in my head when I am doing this: it's good for keeping up to speed on project and it's frustrating as sometimes I can't give the replies I want as the information I need is on my laptop.

On the flip side, if I have my laptop, this thing is a pain to carry about, why does the battery have to die now, what if someone takes it as it has all my work on it - before you ask off course my files are backed up :(

Mobile computing

So what would be best for me as a mobile user?

  • Light
  • Versatile
  • All my information and files to hand
  • Secure
  • Data back-up
  • Simple to use

Wonder if the cloud can be used? We are all talking about it. Does it work in reality and how flexible is it?

Only one way to find out

Me - "Boss I've got an idea. How about I see if I can live without my laptop and live life in the cloud?"

Boss - "Sounds like the way forward but will it effect your productivity?"

Me - "I don't know but there is only way to find out"

Boss - "OK, go away and think about it in more details and come to me with a proposal on what you intend to do and what you will need"

Me - "Great! Will be back in touch soon with the information you need"

Boss - "Look forward to reading it and hey! What about running this as a social experiment? Maybe get marketing on-board to do a case study?"

Me - "Sounds like a great idea" *Opps what have I let my self into*

What are your thoughts

Have I set myself up to fail or have you managed to live on cloud services?

What tips would you have for me on services and application to maintain or increase my productivity?


Nicolas Jacquey
Andy Shuttlewood

I'm a highly respected telecoms professional with 23 years' experience and I currently manage the UK Consulting team within Orange Business.