When are Communications truly Unified

I’ve just listened to a voice mail on my mobile phone, which said: “Hi, it is me; I sent you an email asking you if you were OK for a telepresence meeting next week with our US customer and our UK lab. From IM you can see that I am WFH [Working from Home] but available for the next 10 minutes so please call me on my mobile or send me an IM otherwise please respond by email or leave me a VM [voice mail].”

Is this actually UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration)? I'm not entirely sure…

The Unified Communications Expo takes place in London this year. Is there anything on program to help me understand the buzz around UCC and its resonance in the market? Well it says:

* Voice
* Cloud
* Mobile
* Visual
* Collaboration

Hmm…Am I missing something? I thought Unified Communications (UC) by definition was about a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types?

Never mind, the Expo has hopefully taught me more about the benefits of UC and how we are preparing the transition from legacy communication components, including interoperatibility within customer business processes and applications like CRM, databases, PBX and firewall.

Nicolas Jacquey
Dominique Montagnon

Program Director for Major LP Programs and OTC Process  Director managing LP Europe OTC Directors.