un-unified Communication (UC) - at what point did it all go wrong?

As a parent I had the obligatory invitation to the annual year 7 school talent show as my daughter was performing – Piano solo, Indian War Dance.

I attended with a feeling of dread expecting a series of outtakes from the X-Factor. However to my surprise the majority of the performers were of a reasonably high standard, and some very good, and would’ve got though the first round of the afore mentioned talent show.

As I said, individual performances were a high standard but someone, student or teacher, thought it would be a good idea to group some together to show off their combined talent and I expect to fill the allotted time. The duos were acceptable and on the whole complemented each other; guitarist and singer, two singers, piano and sax, etc.

Now this was the point when it started heading south. The more members that were added to the group the worse it got. Things just didn’t gel, where one part stopped the next didn’t start, the look wasn’t right (different sizes, ages and clothes), one was good where the others needed more work.

I know, I know, I can hear you all say they are young, constantly developing and improving and I should not be so picky. With the hard work and dedication of the students and teachers I know when I go next year all of the current performers will be better and work in harmony with each other as all things do when they mature.

Unified Communications is in the same dilemma as the talent show I attended. It is a relatively new thing and some of the features work very well on their own but when they are combined some elements are a bit clunky and unpolished. In the very near future this will all change with the effort the developers are putting into the Unification of Communications. At that point voice, video, presence, email, location services and whatever other way of connecting with people will all work in harmony, just like a year 11 school talent concert.

And you, what do you think?

Andy Shuttlewood

Illustration : Autour du piano by Henri Latour

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Andy Shuttlewood

I'm a highly respected telecoms professional with 23 years' experience and I currently manage the UK Consulting team within Orange Business.