is process important in UC?


U159102scr_en.jpgProcess. It’s one of those words we love to hate. Everything it entails – order, rules, due diligence, paperwork, forms, checklists – reeks of being back at school and having to tow the line out of fear of reprisal.
The rebel in us thrives on showing Process a two-fingered salute and going about our business as we see fit, thumbing our noses at convention and making it up as we go along.


However, in the world of Unified Communications, Process plays an important role. And one we can use to our advantage, no less. Think of it as a freight train where every carriage serves a purpose.
Individually they have a reason to carry cargo, but together they present a classic case of ‘strength in numbers’.

Still confused? Let’s follow the logic then. Pay attention now.

Voice – where it all starts. We talk, we listen, we communicate. We leave (often rambling) messages, hoping the recipient will deign us with a reply at some stage.
• Mobile – we carry our modus communicandi with us. Instead of being tied to a desk or an office and a landline, we opt for a portable method of communication that means we are never out of touch, never beyond reach, never (if truth be told) fully ‘switched off’.
Tele presence – not content with sound, we opt for vision. Thus not only are we always available, we also have the added burden of ensuring our hair is brushed, our shirts buttoned up and our bar of chocolate out of sight.
Cloud – lost for storage space? Need more room to stash your files, photos, job applications and cover letters? And personalised YouTube videos? All this and more at the touch of a button and no expensive upgrades either.
Collaboration – place all the above in a large cauldron and stir. You should end up with UC provided you have followed the correct recipe and not been distracted by some celebrity chef on the telly.

So now, take a look about yourselves. Are you still sure you wish to buck the trend? And you, at the back of the classroom. Sit up straight and wipe that smirk off your face or I’ll send the Tweet Police over to have a word.


Sabina Mangosi Regan

Reformed investment banker who saw the telecoms light.