[infographic] unifying communications for the changing world of work

Unified Communications is one of those great technological advances that comes at just about the perfect time. Right now, we're seeing dramatic changes in the needs of the modern workforce, which is both globally distributed, yet highly interdependent. Even the work that people do is becoming more complex and fragmented.

So, what is the solution to enable distributed employees to collaborate with one another and increase productivity and quality, while satisfying these tech savvy Gen-Yer’s who have grown up in a world where every application they desire is just a few clicks away?  Unified Communications of course. And not just UC, but UC from the cloud, so those download-craving, mobile-device-loving new employees stick around long enough to make a serious contribution.

So, think about how you will use it yourself, or give it to your employees so they can get their job done!



unified communications infographic
Dan da Costa

I manage global marketing for the New Workspace and Unified Communications portfolio. I've held various roles in Engineering, Product Development, Marketing and Product Management and have been with Orange for 13 years, and with BellSouth and various smaller companies prior. 

Born in Brazil, but living in the US since childhood, I have an Electrical Engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration.