infographic: unified communications & collaboration in the workplace

You probably agree that it’s essential to have collaborative work tools that let people work together as easily as possible, especially considering mounting work/cost pressures and how much people are on the move.

Unified communications is exactly that: the integration of the different communication channels to optimize human interaction and business processes.

It integrates real-time and non-real time communications with business processes through a consistent unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types; and ultimately allows people to work together easily and effectively.

want to join up your thinking?

It’s easy! Just take a look at this handy infographic – learn some fast facts, fun figures and get some general UC know how! And don’t forget to share! Part of the fun of unified communications is the unifying

so what does UC get you?

With a unifed work environment you get:

  • IM, unified messaging (e-mail, voicemail, fax)
  • telephony, mobile phone with click-to-call
  • audio/video/web conferencing
  • collaborative workspace (document storage and sharing)

and what benefits will this bring you?

  • inventing new ways of working – “intelligence everywhere” applications & solutions,
  • ease-of-use – allows you to quickly find the colleague you need to speak with right now, exchange instant messages, share documents, and launch a call or conference effortlessly
  • productivity – it will speed-up business processes by unifying the communications tools you need for effective collaboration
  • fun – it’s a lot more fun to work in a joined up way that it is to work alone!

What do you think about this?




unified communications infographic
Brenda Belleville

I've been with Orange Business for 7 years.  I'm a self-professed technology junkie and haven't met an innovation I don't like.  One of the best parts of working for Orange is interacting with global customers - there is always something exciting going on somewhere in the world - and our customers are doing some of the most exciting stuff of all.