tourism, new technologies and seniors: a winning combination

Seniors have become a strategic target for the tourism industry. Not only are they increasing in number, but they also have high purchasing power, free time and are now comfortable with technology.

Seniors have specific needs. They seek peace of mind when it comes to "aging well", and they require safety, comfort and reassurance. Gone are the days of organized bus tours: seniors expect autonomy and freedom of choice in their activites, including when they go on holiday.

new technologies: improving customer experience for seniors

New technologies often serve as "facilitators" for seniors. They enable tourism providers to meet this population’s new requirements, including:

  • choosing activities à la carte: a wide range of activities and the flexibility to change activity dates according to the weather, with the trip organizer automatically accounting for these changes
  • avoiding lines and promoting greater accessibility: a mobile museum application that shows off-peak hours, creates a premium pass for entry without waiting in line, etc.
  • securing the home: a "serenity pack" that shows window and door sensors and provides mobile alerts in case of intrusion
  • safeguarding personal data: storing seniors’ personal data in case of lost/forgotten ID as well as their health data so that medical history and treatment details are available during the trip

tracking behavior allows tourism providers stay close to their customers

Seniors’ new behaviors have opened the field to new business models, and some players have moved up the tourism value chain. Personalized à la carte models have become enormously popular, and simple mobile applications increase seniors’ sense of actively controlling and participating in their trips.

For more information on how new technologies are impacting seniors and the tourism industry, download the white paper, "A fully digital tourist's journey".


This post was originally published in French here.

Sahra Zaim

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