Orange Business on Twitter + Helping Us Decide

It was during my annual summer vacation that Orange Business Twitter account passed the 13,000 follower bar. Many thanks to @ygourven and @aoperto for this rich heritage, as well as @benjaminlemaire and gang for keeping it chugging!

Where does this account stand in the Orange family and what are we trying to accomplish?

Today nearly 100 official Orange Twitter accounts exist, including some focused on cinema, sports, telecommunications, and Orange local news. You can see them all in “Orange Timeline,” which visually represents tweets from corporate and employee accounts.

Orange Business’ account is simply @orangebusiness. It’s like the watering hole for our customers and extended ecosystem wanting help, discussion or information. It’s also a crossroads for our blog and video posts.

Taking things a step further, we’re going to start promoting other people’s content. Themes we’re interested in include stories and innovations in M2M, virtual workplace, industry-specific telecommunications usages, data centers, etc. etc. If you know of some good ones, please let us know so we can share!

You can also help us make a decision.Today there are two Orange Business Twitter accounts, and I’m seriously considering only keeping one. What do you think?

The major one is @orangebusiness and is multilanguage. The other is @orangeb2bintl, billed as the English-only channel.

My take is that Orange Business is a truly global company with customers, services and operations all over the world. It doesn’t seem right to have a language-specific account when @orangebusiness is already covering several languages, including English. Also, by focusing on one account, it can become richer and more useful for all.

Sooo, do you have any objections to consolidating all Orange Business Twitter activity into @orangebusiness?

Please let me know if so in the comments section, and why. I’m all ears (or I guess ‘all eyes’ in this case). ;-)



Photo: Ken Thomas

Kate Bourdet

Hi, I'm heading up external digital comms for Orange Business.  Human-centered is my approach, and I hope this shines through in the blog content you read chez nous.  Looking forward to connecting with you in the comments section or @KateBo.