Conference: Business internal directories and their impact on organizations

Conference: Business internal directories and their impact on organizations

Last week I attended a breakfast briefing on intelligent business directories, organized by Boostzone Institute.

Boostzone defines the intelligent business directory as “a collaborative directory and / or social networking. It is considered as intelligent when it helps the user to find the right contacts in a personalized way, to express his expertise to the community and, to a greater extent, to communicate."

The main points raised werC SHARE DOCS.gife:
•    The development of professional networks from the 1970s to present day, from the directory to the intelligent directory.
•    The internal directories allow employees to communicate worldwide
•    Intelligent directories as a tool for data management to find missing information by contacting the appropriate person in their field
There is a growing need for intelligent directories, especially in multinationals, where tools of this kind can help companies collaborate globally and remain competitive. Tools such as these have been deployed in companies like Orange Business, MMA Insurance and Veolia.

Attendees at the briefing included Dominique Turcq (president and founder of Boostzone Institute), Cécile Demailly (author of a Boostzone study into intelligent directories), Bruno Favaletto (General Manager EMEA Division and Nuclear Respiratory Protection & Biosafety at Sperian Protection), Bruno Lamouroux (Content Management & Web 2.0 Project Manager at BNP Paribas), Pascale Leclercq (Strategic Planning Branch at MMA Insurance) and Tarik Lebtahi (DS Online Communities & Social Media Project Manager at Dassault Systemes)
For more details or in order to buy the study, please visit the following link:

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