boosting your web traffic, great webinar !

internet.jpgI attended a great webinar offered and organized by Yann Gourvennec and Denis Failly of Orange Business.

The objective was to review with the audience some key tools and indicators that can help one boost his web audience, increase traffic to his web site and recruit more customers.

The very fast paced 45' session enabled experts to share some of their expertise and experience with the audience and even run a couple of Q&A sessions.

We started with a session on Web Analytics lead by Raphaël Richard of Neodia.  I retained essentially three things:

  1. The typical web analytics systems available on the market, such as Google Analytics, can provide a lot of information about our web site's visitors: IP address, Access mode and speed, O/S, browser, screen resolution, location, organization... as well as trend analysis of the visits to our site, time spent on the site, pages visited...
  2. There are also web tools to help us improve the ergonomics of our sites as they track and show us visitors behaviors and allow us to compare the impact of several site layouts on the  interaction with customers ( time spent on the site, pages visited...).
  3. These tools also allow us to understand which key words in the various search engines brought visitors to our site.

In conclusion for this first section: The Web can remove a large part of the fog in which traditional advertising evolves thanks to the detailed information Web Analytics can provide us with. The tools allow us to see very rapidly and with factual data what works and what doesn't. While the investment in money is not necessarily important (several tools are free), the investment in time to understand the results and act upon them is very significant.

The second session was focused on the changes in the buying process for B2B customers with the Web as a sales channel. Hervé Gonay, Président fondateur of  Webleads Trackers shared his insights with us. Not being a marketing expert, I captured the following ideas from the presentation. While the buying process is almost 1 click in B2C, it involves far more steps in B2B. Each of the customer's step is to be accompanied adequately by the vendor on the web in order to close the sale. The usual buying process for B2B that was presented is composed of 4 major steps: Awareness to which the vendor shall respond with advices, Consideration which appeals for solutions proposals, Negotiation which is the first real sales step and it concludes with Buying to close the sale. It is worth making note of the fact that web analytics are powerful tools during each process step to assist the business analyst in proposing the best solution to the customer. In the very last topic for this webinar, the speaker walked us through 10 steps to improve our referencing from meta title, to keywords in the URL, meta keywords, ALT Tags and many others....

The webinar has been recorder and can be viewed (in French Language) here

Talk to you later, I have to go boost my web site traffic   :-)

Michel Operto

I've been leading IT projects for more than 20 years at telecom and computer manufacturers: Thomson Sintra, Digital Equipment, NCR, Nortel Networks, Orange Business. My passion is Project Management and leadership and I run a blog on the PM best practices at