Is the sea the final broadband frontier? #SMMHamburg, September 9, 2014

Wi-fi and broadband are such a part of life now that when we’re in places where the data signal doesn’t reach we struggle to cope. Suddenly we have no access to emails, no media streaming on demand, unable to view our online calendar and we can’t interact with our social networks. Remote rural areas and even a few urban not-spots force us into a reluctant digital hiatus.

For many people working at sea, digital exclusion is normal. Maintaining an always-on data stream to and from a ship is possible and more vessels are becoming connected as advances in digital, satellite and antenna technology make it possible for ships to become connected offices afloat. The data flow allows the ship to operate like a modern land-based office with broadband access to internet, email and the cloud. A connected vessel can exploit technologies such as machine to machine communications. This is allows the ship’s vital systems are closely monitored from a remote data centre, bringing benefits including increased fuel efficiency and advanced warning of component failure.

Maritime broadband has positive implications for crew welfare and retention because it allows crews to connect with their families and friends ashore and gives access to online entertainment and training.

Marine IT specialists from all over the world will discuss the latest developments in marine networks when they gather in Hamburg, Germany on September 9, 2014 at SMM Hamburg. The event, ‘Maritime Communication - What you need to know now’, is an information packed, education focused, two hour q&a session followed by a networking reception.

Subjects to be covered include High Speed Broadband Ka and Ku-Band constellations, hybrid networks, managing bandwidth and Net access on the vessel, advances in Network Management, the new upgradable and auto switchable antenna technologies, VSAT, near-shore 3G Broadband and Iridium NEXT. The event is moderated by well known maritime satellite expert, Alan Gottlieb. The two hour session, unlike traditional events with advertorial presentations, will feature moderator lead question, Answer and discussion along with significant opportunities for audience participation.

To join the experts at SMM Hamburg and find out all about the latest developments in maritime satellite communications simply click here to visit the #SMMHamburg event registration page.

Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

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