get a grasp on unified communications #4: work takes a team

Work is a busy place, isn’t it? I think we are all working harder than ever. Really, I haven’t met anyone in a long time that doesn’t seem to be doing the work of at least two people. And it’s not easy to get it all done, is it? It takes dedication, but it also takes teamwo

More and more we need to rely on our co-workers to help us with projects and presentations and workstreams. The best part is that we now have the tools to help us make it happen with any team member, anywhere on the globe. Unified Communications enables us to share documents, jointly edit them and save them securely so we can get those projects, presentations and workstreams done!


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Brenda Belleville

I've been with Orange Business for 7 years.  I'm a self-professed technology junkie and haven't met an innovation I don't like.  One of the best parts of working for Orange is interacting with global customers - there is always something exciting going on somewhere in the world - and our customers are doing some of the most exciting stuff of all.